Weekend Recap (+ Last Week’s Workouts)

My storage space on my phone is completely used up which has made transferring photos from it to the computer (and thus to the blog) nearly impossible. But enough excuses. This weekend was a fun one jam packed with lots of stuff.


Friday was relatively nice so we had a playdate at our house. Our closest friends came over and we went for a long walk to the park with the kids. The kids had a blast playing at the playground and the littlest ones enjoyed swinging together.


nora and andrew swinging

Friday night we made a romantic trip to home depot for some paint. So at 3am Saturday morning I was up with coffee brewing to start priming our living room bathroom. We stripped off all the wallpaper Friday night. Here’s the before:


And after: Bye bye 80’s wallpaper.


Bry worked Saturday so aside from painting the bathroom solo I managed to make a trip to Home Depot (we needed more paint), the grocery store and Target by myself with both kids in the pouring rain. I felt like super mom. I have mad respect for single parents or those whose spouses travel a lot.

The rest of the day was rainy so we just did chores around the house. We ended up grabbing Papa John’s for dinner which is always a winner in my book. And some cupcakes because cupcakes are always a good idea.


Sunday morning I headed off to my favorite trail to tackle my long run. It was a wonderful run and so refreshing to be outside. 8 miles done!


I came home to shower, change and quickly switch gears to get to Andrew’s best friend’s 1st birthday party. It was an adorable party for the most gorgeous 1 year old in all the land. And the food was ample and delicious! More cupcakes were had. I cannot get enough these days.

Happy Birthday Nora!


Sunday evening we went for a long walk around the neighbhorhood and Skyped with Bry’s parents. We called it a night by 7pm to get enough shut eye for a 2am wake up call.

And here’s last week’s workout recap:

Monday: 7mi treadmill run (9:08/pace)
Tuesday: 60m yoga class
Wednesday: 4mi treadmill run (9:03 pace)
Thursday: Walk
Friday: Walk
Saturday: Off/painted bathroom
Sunday: 8mi outdoor run (8:31 pace)


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