What a Week

I didn’t mean to go radio silent there but this week has been crazy. And not in a good way.

Monday I was baking a batch of a new recipe creation for Andrew’s 1st birthday party next week (HOW is my baby boy almost 1?!).  I finally nailed the recipe and as I was cleaning up I went to gently put our large pyrex mixing bowl on the counter and it literally shattered in my face. It went off like a bomb and I had miniature cuts all over my hands and arms. One sharp managed to hit my eye, which I felt immediately. A trip to the ER ensued where sure enough the glass had minorly scratched my cornea. It was a crazy experience, scary as hell but so much better than it could have been. I’m grateful Andrew was napping instead of in his exersaucer next to me which is usually how he hangs while I bake and that Jackson wasn’t helping me bake today like he was the day before. I don’t know what I’d have done if they had gotten hurt. Apparently exploding pyrex is a thing though. It develops microcracks over the years that eventually even the slightest touch at just the right place can set off into a bomb like explosion which is exactly what happened. Rest assured all our Pyrex is being replaced with stainless steel ASAP. At least the cupcakes were good.


Tuesday was actually a really good day! We met up with friends at the local kids library and the boys had a blast playing with the giant train table and other toys. Andrew especially loved standing at it and playing with the big kids. Afterwards we picked up cupcakes and Jackson and his girlfriend, Layla, had a date! Jax even paid 🙂


I started to feel kind of sick with chest congestion on Tuesday but Tuesday night it was much worse. By Wednesday morning I had a wheezing cough and my mom insisted on watching the boys so I could get checked out. I argued it was just a cold but I went in and it turns out it was the beginning of a bronchitis/pneumonia/chest infection. I was prescribed an inhaler and Amoxicillin (which I’ve used a million times growing up for constant ear infections and strep).

Well, yesterday I woke up with a rash on my shoulder. I thought “what the hell is happening?” And almost immediately my entire head started to itch. I thought “no way I’m getting shingles!” My mom and MIL both recently had shingles and my MIL’s was on her scalp. The more I scratched, the more white dots appeared and then I thought “LICE!” I called my mom and she said it sounded like an allergic reaction. She saved the day yet again and took over the boys at 5am so I could head over to the ER (as advised by my doctor). By the time I got there my entire body was covered in bumps and rashes and itched like crazy. They gave me epinephrine, prednisone and Benadryl and an hour or so later I was feeling so much better, albeit exhausted while wired (Benadryl depresses and causes fatigue and epinephrine speeds the heart).

I’m feeling better now though the itchiness and hives came back last night and I was up most of the night until I could take more prednisone at 2am (the Benadryl isn’t helping at all).

It’s been one hell of a crazy week over here but I’m glad to be on the mend, happy the kids were spared and excited for a fun weekend and week ahead including a trip to the circus tomorrow, Andrew’s 1st birthday!!! and my in-laws coming into town for a week of fun and finally some Spring sunshine! Have a great weekend!


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