I typed this up at 1:46pm April 2, 2015 and finally got around to hitting publish.

At exactly this moment 1 year ago we brought our littlest baby boy into the world. There aren’t words to describe how I felt in that moment or to encompass the love that I have for that little man. He’s our world, simply put. He’s filled a void in our hearts and in our family we didn’t know existed until he came along. He fits so seamlessly into our life.


The past 365 days have flown by. It feels like I’m in that hospital room right now looking at Bryan with the sun shining through the window, tears in my eyes, the largest smile on my face.

“He’s here! Don’t you want a million more?” I ask, looking down at his gorgeous little body, his perfect little face, his clump of dark brown hair.


“I knew you had brown hair.”

Our pregnancy was far from easy with him. We encountered so many scares, so many what-ifs, so many worries both with him and with our life around him that sometimes clouded our ability to enjoy him growing inside. I tried my hardest to cherish the kicks and wiggles, the hiccups and flipturns but I couldn’t help but desperately wish for him to make his way into our world so I could just hold him and know he was safe. And make his way he did! After 22 long hours of what felt like the world’s longest labor, he came in a single push.

25 weeks

Andrew Weston, there aren’t words to describe my love for you. Your infectious laugh, magnetic personality, engrossing smile. People are naturally drawn to you and you are the world’s sweetest baby. You’re so easy going and go with the flow. You make our lives so much easier. You’re content playing on your own but light up when someone plays with you, especially when that someone is your big brother. Your relationship with him is something I am so incredibly grateful for. Your love for one another is profound. You love to wrestle with one another and steal toys from each other. Jackson loves to ask for you to be on his back and you love to smother him in your open mouth kisses.


Oh your kisses. You’ve just started kissing and hugging and my God does it melt me. Your big brown/green eyes glow and your face lights up when you go in for a kiss. I can’t stand how cute you are. You love to smile, especially showing off your bottom 3.5 teeth. Your favorite foods are blueberries and pizza but pancakes are a close third. You’re a snuggle bug but aren’t afraid to wiggle and voice when you just want to MOVE. And move you do. You’re a proficient crawler and sashay your little tooshie back and forth as you hurriedly crawl to whatever it is you want. You can and have taken several steps but you’re more content crawling. It’s faster and presents less of a chance of you getting bulldozed by big brother.


Honesty, I can’t remember life before you. And I never want to. You’re my baby boy and I am so blessed, lucky and grateful to be your mommy. Happy 1st Birthday Andrew Weston. I love you to the moon and back ❤



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