Catching Up

Since Spring has arrived in full force, we’ve been spending every waking moment outside or otherwise on the move. Both kids have started to wake up at far-too-early o’clock which has left me with zero time to write and even less time to do anything in peace. But I really can’t blame them– we’ve been packing in as much fun as we can!

We’ve been visiting the zoo weekly to say hi to all the animals. Jackson always says he wants to go see the lions and yet once we arrive he seems to be infatuated with every animal except the lions. We’ve been metoring there lately which takes a solid hour in commute time alone but is well worth it for the squeals of excitement from my train loving toddler.


My main form of exercise lately has been walking. So much walking. We’re a one car family which is actually really easy for us in good weather as we live in a really commutable area. We’re a mile from 2 different metro stops and walking distance to lots of fun places. A few weekends ago while Bry was working I walked the boys to the nearby nature center. It was a beautiful 3 mile walk and nearby the nature center is a hugeeeeee park with a train! Obviously the boys were ecstatic to ride the choo choo. ALL ABOARDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!

Lunch lately is almost always on the go. PB & Js are our go-to, enjoyed picnic style.



We went down to the creek last Monday after Bry got off work and I brought along my 10lb kettlebell (on my wish list: adding a 25lber!). While the boys played in the water and Bry found rocks for the garden I knocked out a quick 15 minute full body workout. You could easily do this 2-3 times through for a longer workout!

full body

We’ve been walking to a lot of different parks too. We found a new favorite one that is exactly 2 miles away. Jackson refers to it as the “fire truck park” and both boys love it. It’s a really beautiful walk that goes right by the elementary school I attended from K-2nd grade and the field I learned to play soccer on. It’s always a fun walk down memory lane and a REALLY hilly walk, both ways. Whew.


I’ve run three times since the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, two 5k double stroller runs that made me question how I ever trained for the Baltimore Half with that thing and a solo 5 miler this past weekend. Those kids are H-E-A-V-Y. I tried to run a “comfortable” pace and didn’t look at my watch at all. Though comfortable isn’t really an adjective that I’d ever fix with a stroller run. I finished in 27:12 (8:46 pace).


Last week I returned to Body Pump and remembered how much I love the burn. I hope to make it a weekly occurrence–if naps allow.


Lately I’ve had some crazy food cravings which have been totally random and also amazing. I forgot how awesome it is to really crave something and then satisfy that craving. Almost daily I’ve had a serious hankering for chocolate croissants and have probably had at least 4 in the past week and a half. Other loves: cashews, cookies and cream (just the sound of the flavor sounds awesome), ice cream and an Oreo blast after we found a random Sonic out in VA the other week on our way home from a baseball game. Does anyone else share my pet peeve of ice cream mixes like this when they don’t add enough topping/churn it well enough so that the second/bottom half is just ice cream?


Andrew is officially a walker. He’s been donning his itty bitty Keen sandals everywhere and is loving his new found freedom.


He also has been obsessed with the slide.



We’ve also returned to the trails and have been hiking as often as we can. We’re currently in the market for another hiking pack as Andrew has definitely outgrown the Ergo for longer trips and Jackson likes to have the ability to be carried when he gets tired. Obviously our current situation isn’t ideal for longer hikes 🙂

20150415_160003 (1) And I think that about catches us up! I’m definitely going to try to be better about stopping by if only to appease my need to photo dump (and my phone’s need from lack of storage). Hope y’all are enjoying the sunshine as well!


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