Weekend Wrap-up

Better late than never no? This weekend was jam packed with fun.

Saturday morning we quickly ate breakfast and packed up to head out to our local trail. I took off for a solo 5 mile run that was absolutely gorgeous and exactly what I needed to refresh.


I ended my run at the creek that runs along the trail where I found my boys playing in the water, collecting rocks.


drew Creek

I stretched while Jackson brought me endless mounds of “chocolate” (dirt) to refuel. Eventually we made our way over to my old daycare that was having a fair. It was somewhat surreal and incredible to watch Jackson enjoy his first pony ride in the same place I did 24 years ago when I was exactly his age.

pony ride

He loved riding the “horsey” though after some fun in the bouncey house and sandbox a meltdown occurred. We had a couple of tickets left so we decided to quickly do the Cake Walk which was basically like musical chairs except everyone ended on a number and the DJ would randomly call a number. Whoever was on that number won a half dozen cupcakes from the infamous Georgetown Cupcakes. Even though Jack was in a bad mood, when they called number “4” and we looked down to see we were standing on number four, his mood did a 180 as he realized we just won “pup-cakes!”

georgetown cupckaes

We packed up our cupcakes and walked home just in time to get both boys down a dual nap. During naptime Bry power-washed the deck while I did some spring cleaning  inside and read a bit. I’ve been reading like crazy again lately and just finished two good books. It Was Me All Along which is a really good memoir by Andie Mitchell and The Girl On The Train which is a lot like Gone Girl. I would definitely recommend both!

After naps we found ourselves at Home Depot picking up deck stain and lawn chair pillows. Then we ended the night with a delicious dinner of tilapia with kumquat relish, devouring cupcake and playing in the garden.


Sunday we drove out to Cunningham Falls to go for a hike. We had breakfast at a nearby buffet then hit the trails. We planned to do a 5 mile loop but were thwarted when part of the trail was closed. We ended up covered 3 miles which was the perfect length to get home in time for naps.

cunningham falls 2 Cunningham falls 3 Cunningham Falls

Bry spent the afternoon staining the deck while I read. Once the boys were up we played, had bath time (which is a nightly occurrence now that it’s sunscreen season) and read before bedtime. We finished the weekend off with some homemade blackberry cobbler I whipped up earlier in the day topped with Trader Joe’s vanilla ice cream which is utterly delicious, while watching Criminal Minds on Netflix. And now it’s almost a new weekend!


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