A Sickly Mother’s Day Weekend

We had a long weekend ahead of us following Bry working a 19.5 hour day on Thursday. We had fun plans in the works: exploring the zoo, metroing to the Eastern Market, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the weekend as a family. Unfortunately, plans kind of blew up when I was up most of Thursday night/early Friday morning nauseous and then began to vomit. I moved to the living room couch for the night so everyone could sleep without my disruptions.

Once the boys awoke I scrimmaged through our medicine cabinet and found an old bottle of Zofran from when I was pregnant with Andrew. Expiration date at the end of March? Close enough! I popped one and laid on the couch. I ate a piece of toast to try to get something back in my stomach and after an hour felt much better. I really didn’t want to ruin the weekend so I packed up our bags and the car and we headed out to the zoo.

Bad decision.

We made it 30 minutes and as we walked the never ending hill that is the American Trail I felt sicker and sicker. My nausea grew with each step until I finally told Bry I needed to sit down. Before I knew it I was on the side of the trail trying to gracefully and secretly projectile vomit into the brush. Obviously I had no business toughing it out so we packed back up and headed home. I felt horrible: physically and emotionally. Bry loves the zoo and so do the boys. They’re both at really fun ages to enjoy it and I was really looking forward to Bry getting to see them in that element. Maybe next time!

I spent the rest of Friday in bed with a puke bucket while Bry corralled the crazies in the living room. After naptime, for everyone, we headed out to get some food. The only thing that sounded remotely good was lemonade, chicken sandwich and fries from McDonalds. So to the golden arches we went! I managed to devour it all and keep it all down. It was just what a needed. We spent the evening playing in the front yard with neighbors before crashing early.

Saturday morning I still felt queasy but wasn’t vomiting. Thanks to Zofran I was doing pretty well so I decided to chance it and stick to the plan of metroing to the Eastern Market in DC which is what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day. Jackson loved the train, as usual.


I love the Eastern Market. From the variety of food tents to the talented artistry. I especially get lost in the photography that we could never afford.


By the time we arrived we were ready for some food so we hit up the food tents. I ordered a carnitas taco and a chocolate coconut donut.


I don’t know what compelled me to order Mexican while sick with a stomach bug but I immediately regretted it. I found a green juice stand that had a mix with ginger and ordered one in the hopes of settling the nausea. It didn’t work but Andrew guzzled 90% of it down, getting in his green for the day before passing out for our trek home.

20150509_121116 20150509_121120

We walked to Union Station to catch the metro home instead of having to switch trains from Eastern Market. It’s about a 1.5mi walk and it was a gorgeous day for a long stroll. Both kids were wicked exhausted and slept while Bry and I got to spend the walk chatting.

20150509_125906 20150509_130207

Once we made it home we put the boys down for a nap. Bry worked on a practice exam for a test he’s taking in a few weeks and I headed out to Trader Joe’s to knock out grocery shopping for the week. It’s a million times easier without 2 little ones in tow. I wore the dress I bought at the Eastern Market for $8 and I may very well live in all summer. It even has pockets!

20150509_141454 Once the boys woke up we went out to Chipotle for dinner. Again, not a great choice for recovering from a stomach bug but it’s what sounded good a the time. I spent Saturday night tossing and turning with horrible nausea again. Ugh.

Sunday morning was Mother’s Day! Jax woke up at 5am screaming from his crib to wake Andrew up. I jumped out of bed to get him before he could wake Drew and told Bry to sleep in. Role reversals for Mother’s Day? Maybe. But he’d worked so long on Thursday I knew he needed the sleep. He ended up coming up shortly after. We played in the garden until the littlest woke up and then went out to pick up breakfast from a local deli. I was craving French toast and bacon and got massive amounts of both. They were awesome!

I’ve been a mama for 4 Mother’s Days now (the first I was pregnant with Jax for) and for each one I’ve run. I really wanted to run this Mother’s Day too. Unfortunately, having felt so sick still Saturday night I thought it was best if I forwent running especially since I was super dehydrated too. Instead we headed to the local trail for a long hike.

20150503_102838 20150503_110238 20150503_110328

We ended up covering 4 miles in 2 hours and it was a ton of fun! I was glad when it was over though as I started to feel really sick again.


We drove through McDonalds on the way home for more lemonade and chocolate milk for the toddler. We all crashed hard come nap time. For dinner we headed out to Whole Foods to pick up the hot bar for dinner. It’s our favorite! I still felt pretty uneasy especially around the curry smells and ended up with a hodpodge of glazed ham, Korean chicken thigh, garlicky collard greens green beans, dirty rice and mushrooms. I managed to eat about half before I knew I needed to call it quits.

We picked up a pint of mint chocolate chip gelato at Whole Foods as well and shared it spoon in carton style which watching Criminal Minds. It was a really nice weekend, despite being sick, filled with a mix of relaxation and exploration with the 3 boys who made me a mama. I am blessed.


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