Pregnancy #3: Finding Out

Let’s start from the very beginning. I’ve always had odd cycles. With both boys I went on birth control for a month and then cycled naturally 3-6 weeks after coming off it and got pregnant right away! We were reallllly lucky. This time around we didn’t use birth control post Andrew. We were careful but I didn’t want to mess my body up with artificial hormones so we just kind of winged it. In December (8 months post partum) I felt a lot of cramping and thought I might be cycling. It turns out I was! When I got a positive ovulation test Bry and I sat down and tried to figure out if we were ready to start trying for #3. We knew #3 was definitely in our future but didn’t know exactly when we wanted to start trying. Well, we decided we were ready and to just see what happened. We missed the egg that month (I’d already ovulated by the time we decided so we weren’t surprised). 12 days later AF showed up and while I was a bit disappointed, mostly I was SO excited that my body was cycling naturally.

The next month was really wonky. I got a positive ovulation test at exactly CD 14, but by CD 30 I’d still not started my period and every pregnancy test was stark white. At the same time I woke up with what felt like intense contractions. The next day my uterus felt incredibly tender and I ended up in the ER. I wasn’t pregnant and from my progesterone levels, I hadn’t ovulated at all but I did have a pelvic infection. A week later I ovulated and again we found out a bit too late. 12 days later, AF arrived like clockwork.

The third cycle I ditched the fancy digital ovulation test and went with the cheap Wonfo tests from Amazon. I tested daily but by CD (cycle day) 57 when I had yet to have a positive test I decided to go to my OB. He suggested going on Provera to induce a period and then starting Clomid. When I brought up that I’d been cramping and asked if I might ovulate soon he said he highly doubted it and that at this rate with my cycle lengths, it’d take 3 years to get pregnant. He also doubted whether I’d ovulated the month before at all. I went home, filled the prescriptions and instead of starting them, I kept testing. 7 days later, on Mother’s Day (CD 66) I got a blazing positive test. That same weekend I was horribly sick with nausea and vomiting which I still have no idea what caused.

The next week I spent recovering from the stomach bug I’d had, taking exercise easy for that reason with slow/short runs and mostly walks. On May 18th, my maternal grandma’s birthday, I peed on my millionth pregnancy test and to my surprise, TWO lines appeared. The second was incredibly, almost invisibly faint.


So I peed on another, and then on a more expensive FRER (First Response Early Result–notorious for early detection at as low as 6.5/ml). All of them had definite though incredibly faint second lines.


I immediately went in to my doctor and got a blood test.

When Bry got home I was sitting on the couch trying to figure out when and if and how I’d tell him. He looked in at me from the kitchen and I smiled. “You’re pregnant” he said. “HOW DID YOU KNOW?!” I will never forget the giant smile and light in his eyes that followed.  I’ve never seen him so happy. It truly melted me. “YES!!!!” “Really?!”

The next day I peed on more sticks and the lines were noticeably darker. I was thrilled! I got my blood test back and my HCG was a whopping 5. I went back 3 days later and it was 75! I kept peeing on all the things I was still in such shock.


The tests kept getting darker, the HCG kept rising and at 5 weeks we had our first ultrasound and at 6 weeks we saw the flickering of our baby’s heart beating at a gorgeous 135bpm.

20150610_100029Finally, it felt real and tears of sheer joy streamed down my face. Our official due date: January 31, 2016 ❤


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