Pregnancy #3: 3 Weeks

20150519_050559 20150519_050644

I kept track of each week of this pregnancy so far and kept them as drafts until we were ready to go public so I’m now posting them all (probably one or two a day until we get to real time).

How Far Along?

3 weeks + 3 days!

Weight Gain

0. Since it’s my first week tracking I’ll just post my starting weight this pregnancy: 111lbs and go from there.


I ran a solo 5 miler the Sunday before I found out I was pregnant, at a pretty decent clip (8:22). I didn’t push myself but it’s definitely a speed I probably won’t be hitting for another 9+ months to be on the safe side (especially as it’s heating up and overheating isn’t ideal) 🙂 I hope to get out for a slow, short run tomorrow (with the double BOB) and have been mostly walking this week just to play it safe. Despite being baby 3, worrying is in my nature. And patience is not.


I’ve been having a really hard time getting comfortable lately but last night switched my mountain of pillows around and slept like a rock! Minus waking up to pee in the middle of the night. The night before I was up half the night dreaming about shucking oysters. I’ve never eaten an oyster. Chalking that up to pregnancy craziness.


Lemonade and French Toast seem to be big. This week I’ve also wanted ice cream, Panda Express and bacon. All the bacon.


None yet.


  • Sore hips and lower back
  • Bad cramping. It’s so much worse the third time around
  • Frequent urination

Looking Forward To

  • Our first prenatal appointment! I can’t wait to see our little peanut and hopefully, God willing, a beautiful, strong heartbeat.
  • A weekend away. We’re heading out of town this weekend to spend a few nights at my Aunt and Uncle’s in rural Virginia. What perfect timing!
  • Another HCG test, just to put my mind at ease. Ya know, cause peeing on 12 sticks a day and getting double lines or “PREGNANT” and “YES+” isn’t good enough 😉

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