Pregnancy #3: 5 Weeks

I still can’t believe we’re pregnant again! We want this so badly that it seems surreal that we’re lucky enough to be growing our third baby. To be honest, I’ve had more anxiety this time around then with my other pregnancies. I can’t explain it because I’ve been so incredibly blessed to never experience problems early in my pregnancies and have had two healthy little boys but lately the outpouring of so many losses makes me supersensitive to the fragility of this little life inside of me. And it also has be hyperaware of every twinge and cramp (which, being the third time around, are a lot more apparent). But if I’m truly honest with myself, I close my eyes and look into my heart, I can see us walking into the hospital, in labor, with snow on the ground. I try to focus on that imagine, to focus on all that I am feeling and so lucky to be experiencing and cherish it. This may be our last baby and I want to soak up every moment of this journey.

Now onto the weekly update!

5 weeks front 5 weeks side

How Far Along?

5 weeks + 2 days

Weight Gain



This week I walked a lot. 4 miles (with a 2mi double stroller run), 5 miles (with a 1mi double stroller run), two other 3 milers and a 2 milers plus one solo 3mi run to brunch on Sunday. The solo run felt awesome but I want to work on slowing it down even more. I kept about an 8:59/pace which is 40ish seconds slower than pre-pregnancy but still faster than I’d like to maintain while pregnant.


I slept so much better this week! I have no idea why but I’ve been crashing once my head hits the pillow (after I get up 15 times to pee) and it’s been blissful. I’ve also been napping every day as soon as I put the boys down. That hour+ is sorely needed. I can hardly keep my eyes open come naptime.


Bacon, Italian cold cuts, acai bowls and last night garlic bread. We ended up bringing Pizza Boli’s home for dinner and that buttery garlic bread was everything. Cupcakes sounded particularly good too but of course it was Monday and our cupcake shop is closed Sundays and Mondays. Boo.


Mushrooms. There were some in my omelet Sunday and I almost gagged when I tasted it. Usually I love mushrooms but I won’t be touching them again for awhile. The sound of fish sounds pretty awful too which is inconvenient as we have salmon filets in the fridge that need to be eaten asap. And again, the smell of raw onions is the bane of my existence.


None yet. But I feel a few twinges behind my belly button now and again.


  • Exhaustion. I could sleep forever (if I didn’t have two boisterous and outgoing toddlers to chase from before sunup to sundown).
  • A little bit of queasiness here and there but I wouldn’t really call it MS yet.
  • Bloating. By the end of the day the belly is loud and proud.

Looking Forward To

  • Our first prenatal appointment today! I have no idea what to expect and am just trying not to get my hopes up as to getting an us or anything.
  • Eventually seeing the heartbeat, and our little bean.
  • Cape May next month!

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