Pregnancy #3: 4 weeks

image image


Chocolate bars. All the dark chocolate bars. I’ve been eating 2-3 nightly! Yeesh. And a bit of one after lunch. The worst part is the caffeine then keeps me up and it takes me ages to fall asleep.

Sweet potatoes and roasted cauliflower

Almond honey mustard crusted chicken. Yum!

Lemonade. Of the ice cold variety.


Still a tiny bit of achey hips nd lower back, and some cramping but not as much as last week. I get some twinges on my sides every now and then.

So sleepy. I nap daily with the boys especially on days we spend all morning out in the heat. It’s draining.

Thirst. I’m always thirsty….

Which means I’m always peeing too. This started super early this time around.

And the hormones are kicking in. I started randomly bawling in the elevator at the grocery store Monday. It started and I couldn’t for the life of me stop the waterworks. Hot, ugly tears everywhere as I tried to see through them to navigate to the car.


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