Pregnancy #3: 6 Weeks

 As I sit here typing all I can think about is seeing you this morning. It’s June 10th and today, with your 2 crazy brothers by our side, your daddy and I got to see you on an ultrasound! The most amazing part was seeing the flutter of your tiny heartbeat. Tears started streaming down my face once it appeared. Tears of fear leaving my body, tears of complete and utter excitement, tears of happiness and disbelief for how incredibly blessed we are. You’re real baby bean!!! You’re strong and healthy and growing. You are so loved, so wanted, so cherished already. Keep on growing strong ❤


How Far Along?

6 weeks + 3 days

Weight Gain

-2.2lbs from starting weight. I haven’t vomited at all yet but the morning sickness is real. Blech. I forgot how much it sucked but at the same time it’s been so reassuring that you’re growing strong in there.


Pretty much nothing. I took a spin class once this week and stopped halfway through because it just felt uncomfortable. I can’t really explain it but I don’t ever want to push through that while growing you. Nothing is worth that. We also took a 7mi hike this past weekend. I carried Andrew on my back for the first half (that happened to be allll uphill) and Daddy decided to play superman and carried both Drew and Jax back down the mountain himself. He’s a rockstar.


Can’t get enough of it. Your brothers have declared 4:30am party time and it’s slowly killing me. I nap daily with them just to survive the days. zzzzzzz


Not much. Mostly the thought of food in general is gag inducing. Last night I had the bizarre craving for Thai shrimp & veggies (which the mere thought of now makes me want to vomit over the keyboard). Bacon, egg and cheese bagels sounds yummy every night but by the time morning rolls around I’m struggling to just get something into my belly I feel so horrible. Other cravings, that daddy has been a saint and satisfied every one of: bimbimbap/dumplings, ranch dressing, honey glazed ham, chocolate chip cookies, a fruit cup and baked potato soup.


Mushrooms. Tomato anything: tomatoes, tomato salsa, tomato sauce. Just the mere sight of them makes my stomach swirl. Onions and garlic, mostly just the aftertastes of them. I get so sick if I can taste them still after a meal. Basically anything other than really bland/easy food sounds bad right now.


Nope but I can’t wait to feel this little one’s ninja kicks and gymnastics rolls.


  • Exhaustion. But not as bad as past weeks. Probably from sleeping better. I wake up 1-2 times a night to pee but can usually go back down easily.
  • Morning Sickness. The nausea and queasiness is everlasting. There are sometimes hour spans where I feel fairly normal and wonder “woah, should I be worried that I feel OK?!” and then bam. It hits again. Eating often and staying with bland/carb heavy foods seems to help. So do salt & vinegar chips.
  • Dizziness. I used to have syncope and with pregnancy it comes back with a vengeance. Mine’s caused by super low blood pressure so when I stand too quickly, I have to squat down fast and close my eyes to prevent passing out.

Looking Forward To

  • Cape May next month! Taking the bump bloat to the beach!
  • Seeing you again in 6 weeks 🙂
  • Feeling you move!
  • Tomorrow’s OB appt. I got my blood results back from initial screening and had a number of abnormal results (there’s always something, I tell ya). Hoping to get a bit more clarity tomorrow.
  • Hearing your beautiful heartbeat ❤ ❤ ❤

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