Pregnancy #3: 7 weeks

7 weeks side 7 weeks front

How Far Along?

7 weeks + 6 days

Weight Gain

-5lbs as of 7 weeks


Nothing. Unless you count walking to and from the potty. We spent all week laying on the couch playing in the living room while I tried to return to some semblance of a normal human.


Can’t get enough of it. I wake at least twice a night to pee and never really feel like I’m getting deep sleep after the first wake up. Jax wakes up at 4:30-5am every morning. I’ve found if I run to get him as soon as I hear him start rocking I can sneak him out of the nursery without waking Andrew. Then we have breakfast together (this week it’s been Cheerios with banana) and I set him up with netflix while I try to get a few more moments of shut eye. Andrews been a champ sleeping til 7:30-8 so it works really well.


Steak and baked potatoes. Bacon egg and cheese bagels. Beef and broccoli.


Mushrooms. Tomato anything: tomatoes, tomato salsa, tomato sauce. Raw onions. Garlic. Anything super smelly.


I’ve felt a couple of thumps but I’m sure it’s my imagination.


Exhaustion. The lack of being able to keep much down this week and super low blood pressure did not help I’m sure.
Morning Sickness. At 6w6d the vomiting started, way earlier than either other pregnancy. I couldn’t hold anything down for 36 hours and ended up in the er for IVs and medicine. Zofran is not FDA approved by use by pregnant women, despite the manufacturer advertising it to hospitals and doctors for use for morning sickness. Disgusting. The FDA cited them for it and yet the hospital still tried to give it to me as their go to drug. I finally got dicglesis which is the only FDA approved medicine for morning sickness. After a week taking it nightly I feel fairly normal most of the time. I get worse as the day progresses
Dizziness has gotten really bad from low blood pressure. On Sunday my BP was only 87/40. Bring on all the salt.

Looking Forward To

Cape May in 3 weeks.
Hearing your beautiful hb just before we leave for the beach. 17 days!


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