Pregnancy #3: 8 Weeks

8 weeks front 8 weeks side

How Far Along?

8 weeks + 4 days

Weight Gain

+ 2lbs (-3lbs from pre-pregnancy weight)


Two 2 mile walks with the kids. It’s been brutally, unforgivingly hot out so we’ve been spending most days on the couch.


I’m so tired. Lately I wake up a lot at night tossing and turning from 1) need to pee, 2) thirst/dry throat, 3) nausea, 4) crazy dreams. I nap with the boys everyday and sleep like the dead as soon as my head hits the pillow.


Salmon on salads (which makes me so queasy as soon as I start eating it–seafood is not OK right now). Ice cold water. OJ. Fries sound OK cause they’re simple but really not craving anything. Though as I type this I would pay good money for a fruit salad and/or ice cold pineapple juice.


Mushrooms. Tomato anything: tomatoes, tomato salsa, tomato sauce. Raw onions. Garlic. Anything super smelly.


Not yet!


Exhaustion. I’m just constantly tired and could drift into a deep sleep at any moment.

Morning Sickness. Yesterday I started vomiting again. I’m hoping I can avoid that by eating constantly but if I can’t keep the vomiting at bay I’m afraid I’m going to have to get stronger meds, which makes me very apprehensive.

Thirst. So thirsty. I also have a cold that the boys generously shared with me that makes it a hundred times worse and it’s hard to drink too much at once or I get really nauseous and start dry heaving (and if there’s a lot in there, actually heaving).

Looking Forward To

Cape May in 2 weeks!
Hearing your beautiful HB in 12 days.
Finding out what you are so we can call you by name 🙂
Not feeling queasy all the time/on the verge of puking.


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