Pregnancy #3: 10 Weeks

imageHow Far Along?

10 weeks

Weight Gain

+ 0lbs (-3lbs from pre-pregnancy weight still)


My first run since we found out baby’s baking! I did 4.5mi of intervals with the stroller (1mi run, 1mi walk, 1mi run, 1.5mi walk to the park). I felt good. The kids are HEAVY but I didn’t experience any pain or discomfort.


Jax is still on the early rising train which has been ROUGH. But I’m surviving with naps while the boys nap and broken napping in the AM while Jack watches Neflix. Not ideal but neither is waking up at 4am.


Popsicles, chili salads from Wendy’s, raisin bran


Mushrooms, garlic and raw onions. The small of PB.


Lots of pulling behind my belly button and sometimes a bit of pulling/pressure lower in my uterus


Hyperemesis. I spent the 4th of July in the ER getting pumped full of saline w/ sugar, potassium pill and anti-nausea meds it was so bad. The bright side was that I got an unexpected ultrasound and saw baby moving and waving with a beautiful, strong HB of 174!

Thirst. So thirsty. I’m especially loving ice cold juice or water. And popsicles.

Congestion, runny nose and sneezing.

Dizziness. I asked the ER doc about the intense dizziness I’ve been experiencing and he thought it was likely a result of low electrolytes so I’ve been drinking more water + Gatorade and eating some bananas to up my low potassium.

Looking forward to

Cape May! Not only for 4 blissful beach days with my favorite guys but it’s where we’re taking our announcement pic 🙂
Hearing babe’s HB for the first time TOMORROW
Knowing whether we’re bringing a baby brother or sister into our family


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