Pregnancy #3: 11 Weeks

IMG_8829How Far Along? 11 weeks + 2 days

Weight Gain + .3lbs

Fitness Lots of walking around Cape May and the beach, some swimming.

Sleep I can’t get enough but I haven’t been napping and I think it’s helped me sleep better at night!

Cravings Salads, chocolate (especially dark chocolate turtles (dark chocolate covered caramel & pecans)), fruit, omelets with feta cheese and veggies (I had one almost daily in Cape May), sandwiches, seafood, peaches

Aversions Raw onions, garlic

Movement I’ve felt a few thumps and pulls but nothing concrete yet

Symptoms Nausea. I didn’t vomit this week (wahoo!) but would get nauseous for an hour or two every day around noon and every morning if I waited too long to eat after waking. Headache. But that’s likely a combination of lots of sun and not a lot of fluids.

Looking forward to Hearing baby’s HB tomorrow! I had to reschedule last week’s appointment so tomorrow will be the first time I actually get to hear the heart beat and not just see it! (Update: HB was 164bpm!) Our NT scan next Wednesday. I can’t wait to have a solo date with the hubs to see how much babe has grown! Finding out the gender. I have a sneaking suspicion, but not as definitive as with the boys so I’d like to know so I can use proper pronouns and even a name 😉


One thought on “Pregnancy #3: 11 Weeks

  1. I’m so excited to know if little one is going to be another sweet boy or a cute little girl. CAN’T WAIT!! It is great getting your updates everyday. Pity there won’t be 2-3 a day anymore. haha!

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