Pregnancy #3: 9 Weeks

This is most likely my last hidden weekly update draft before we announce our big news publicly. We can’t wait to officially announce baby #3!

9 weeks front 9 weeks side

How Far Along?

9 weeks + 4 days

Weight Gain

+ 0lbs (-3lbs from pre-pregnancy weight still)


A couple walks. Lots of rain this week brought cooler weather. We have been so grateful for the reprieve!


I’m still so very tired which in no small part has been further worsened by Jackson’s new habit of 3:45-4am wake ups. That kid needs to learn how to sleep longer! I’ve only napped half the days this week (usually on the days that begin 3 hours before sunrise) but have been sleeping really well at night, despite lots of pee wake ups. I’ve been having insane dreams too.


The biggest craving this pregnancy so far was pineapple juice. Frozen and blended with ice. I had such a bad craving for it it kept me up 3 hours one night dreaming of making it. Ice cold water is also delicious. Black bean and cheese burritos from Baja Fresh with green/verde salsa, fresh peaches, oj and bagels were also thoroughly enjoyed.


Mushrooms, garlic and raw onions.


No but I’ve felt a lot of pulling around my belly button which is exciting.


Morning Sickness. Most days it’s just nausea and some dry heaving/gagging but two days this week were solid vomitting. Ugh.

Thirst. So thirsty. I’m especially loving ice cold juice or water.

Congestion. So much congestion and so snotty. Yum! I don’t think the weather changes have done me any favors.

Dizziness. It’s gotten really bad this week where occasionally I’ve sat up, waited for my blood pressure to regulate, stood up and gotten 15 feet or so to get really dizzy, Bambi like shaking legs and numbness that kind of courses through my body. Thankfully it’s never been while holding one of the kids but it’s really scary. Im going to talk to my OB about it at my appt Tuesday.

Looking forward to

Cape May NEXT WEEK. We desperately need a family vacation and I’m thrilled for 5 uninterrupted days with my 3 favorite guys.
Hearing your beautiful HB on Tuesday (5 days!)
Finding out what you are so we can call you by name šŸ™‚
This weekend! I’m so excited to celebrate the fourth, for a 3 day weekend and for all the jam packed fun we have planned.


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