Monday Fun & NT Scan

We originally had our NT scan (an ultrasound and blood test that check for genetic abnormalities in a fetus) scheduled for Wednesday and Bry had taken the day off work to come to it. But when he woke up Monday morning to a text from the technician he rides with saying he wasn’t coming in, we decided to take a random day off and hope we could reschedule the appointment for later that day once the office opened. Jackson was up at the crazy hour of 4am and spent the next 50 minutes pretending to sleep when I’d go to the nursery to get him, only to start rocking and screaming Andrews name as soon as I went back to bed. At 5 I finally dragged him from his bed and to the kitchen. It was a nice surprise to find Bryan still home and with a Monday off work!

He decided to take jack to Starbucks to pick up an iced green tea for me (my current love) while I stayed home and waited for Andrew to awake and ate a protein pancake with blueberries. They got home just as I was changing Andrew. I threw some changes of clothes at them and told them we should go to a local trail called Rock Creek Park before it got too hot. Here in DC we’ve been having heat index advisories every day from noon to 8pm due to poor air quality from high temperatures and humidity. By 6am we were on the trail.

I kissed the boys goodbye and headed out for a 20 minute run. I kept it slow and listened to my body. I didn’t check my garmin until I was done but managed to cover just over 2 miles.


When I met back up with the boys Bry took off for a trail run while I headed back towards the trail head with the kids. There we drank water, threw rocks into the creek and enjoyed the gorgeous morning while we waited for the ultrasound office to open.image


Eventually my stomach started growling again so we took off in search of donuts. We found GBD on google maps and drove the ridiculous DC streets the 3 miles to their front door. I called the ultrasound office while walking into the store and managed to get an 11:30 appointment so we quickly scrapped our plans to head over to the zoo. I highly recommend this place if you’re in town. We’d never been b they had incredible donuts (we got an apple fritter, Nutella, tres leches and a maple bourbon bacon) plus really good fried chicken biscuits. We ate them while we drove the hour (6 whole miles) home. Both boys passed out in the backseat on the way.

I ran in the house and quickly showered and changed then we gathered snacks for the boys and headed over to the hospital. Bry hadn’t seen the babe since our 6 week ultrasound when it was just a little tadpole. Seeing his reaction to how big baby bean has gotten and how much it’s grown was awesome. But the best reaction was jackpns who kept asking if the baby was swimming and if that was he baby’s toes. We heard the strong, beautiful hb at 161 and everything else looked great too. We couldn’t get over how precious that little profile was. I’m really glad the boys ended up going with us to experience it. Jackson called his MiMi afterward and told her how the bay said “ch-ch-ch” making the sound of the heartbeat. “I went to the doctor and saw the baby in the belly. It’s getting bigger. I’m getting bigger too!” <3<3<3


We quickly drove by Sweetgreen and picked up some salads for lunch before heading home to put the boys down for their naps. It was a really wonderful and special day that I’ll cherish forever. We can’t wait to meet this little bean ❤


2 thoughts on “Monday Fun & NT Scan

  1. What a wonderful day!! You’re amazing… When I was nauseous I could barely do anything!! I just lay around feeling yuck. Good for you – getting out and keeping busy!!!!! 🙂

    • I spent the first 9 weeks in the fetal position on the couch while the boys did their best to burn down the house and kill one another 😉 I’m finally feeling human again and moving seems to really help me feel better (and the boys desperately need to be freed).

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