Pregnancy #3: 12 Weeks


How Far Along?

12 weeks + 3 days

Weight Gain

-1.2 from pre pregnancy (I think I gained almost 2lbs this week though)


I’m back in my running shoes! I’ve gone on a few 20 minute runs this week (one with the double bob which was TOUGH). The bob weighs about 100lbs with the kids in it and in the heat and humidity were having it takes my breath away just trying to push them up a hill. Whew. I’m keeping my runs at 20 minutes because of the heat index advisories were having. It’s hard to fully catch your breath period, let alone while running, so I’m taking it slow and not pushing it while baby’s on board. It feels good to move again though! Lots of walking too. I’m hoping to get back into my prenatal yoga and strength DVDs this week for some cross training.


I can’t get enough and always feel like I could fall into a comatose sleep at any moment. Jax has started a new game this week where he spends the hours between 4-5am rocking and yelling Andrews name and when I get to the nursery to remove him before he wakes big brother, he curls up in a ball and pretends to be fast sleep. I wait then eventually go back to bed and he starts it again as soon as I lay down. Repeat 53 times before I physically remove him and he screams that he’s still tired, which inevitably wakes up Andrew. Any advice?!?


Salads, chocolate, fruit, ice cold water with fresh lemon juice, omelets with feta, turkey and cheese sandwiches


Raw onions, garlic


Nothing 100% yet but really excited for the thumps, rolls, wiggles and kicks


  • Nausea. I didn’t vomit this week (wahoo!) but definitely feel queasy off and on throughout the day. Eating often helps. This morning I felt MS sneaking up and ended up taking my meds before 5am which helped a lot. I think I didn’t eat enough for dinner last night/went too long between dinner and breakfast. It sucked.
  • Round ligament pain, especially on the right side where baby’s head is 🙂
  • Hip and lower back pain. Probably exasperated by running and not stretching well after. Oops.
  • Waterworks. I’ve been such an emotional bomb this week. Basically I tear up and cry at the smallest things which usually makes me laugh because it’s so absurd. Holy hormones.

Looking forward to

  • My in-laws visiting next month! They’re coming for a week to celebrate our not so baby boys 3rd birthday. How is he almost 3?!?!? Where does the time go?!
  • Along that same line–celebrating Jackson’s 3rd birthday, Bryan’s 28th birthday (and I suppose my 27th birthday too. Craziness?? This will be my 3rd birthday in 4 years that I’ve been pregnant for!!)
  • Finding out the gender. I still have a *gut* feeling but just want to know one way or the other. I’m actually more nervous/apprehensive/impatient for the anatomy scan to find out if baby bean is growing well (read:has 2 kidneys) more than to find out the sex though that’ll be exciting too.
  • Best moment this week:

We had our NT scan yesterday! We ended up bringing the boys which ended up being awesome. With the help of being caged in the bob and lots of snacks for distraction they were really good. Bry got to see how much bean has grown and we heard that gorgeous heartbeat (161bpm). Baby’s measuring 3 days ahead and looks perfect. We saw a great picture of it’s profile and well, baby’s adorable! 😉 when we left the appointment we called my mother in law and Jackson told her all about the visit, which made me so grateful for taking him. “I went to the doctor and saw baby in the belly. It was moving. It said ch-ch-ch-ch (makes sound of heartbeat). It’s getting bigger. I’m getting bigger too!” During the appointment he kept asking if the baby was swimming and if those were baby toes. Oh 3 year olds. They’re amazing.


5 thoughts on “Pregnancy #3: 12 Weeks

  1. I just read your whole blog over the last couple of weeks. I’m happy to be caught up now so I can read the updates as they come through instead of scrolling back, back, back. Yay for #3!!

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