Pregnancy #3: 13 Weeks


How Far Along?

13 weeks + 3 days

Weight Gain

0lbs. On Monday I was over my prepregnancy weight but the past two days I’m back to 1.2lbs under. Since I’ve been tracking on Wednesdays for consistency sake I’m going with today’s weight of 1.2lbs under (plus Monday seemed to be a fluke)


I’ve been covering a lot of miles this week despite the crazy heat (and return of the 100% humidity). 1 double bob run of 2.5 miles (intervals 1/1 for 4.5mi total), a solo 2.5 miler followed by about 3mi of walking around the zoo and back to the car, 5mi of touring dc yesterday with our friends and 3mi to and from the metro plus around downtown including through a torrential downpour.


Bry and I have been taking turns on weekend morning getting up with jack. I sleep in with Drew on Saturdays and he sleeps in on Sundays. It’s nice! We’ve also pushed the boys bedtime back to 7m and jack is now sleeping until 5-5:45 which is a world better than 3:45. We’ve started going to bed when we put the boys down again (yup, at 7pm!) so I’ve been clocking 10-11 hours of broken (thanks to pee breaks) sleep a night. Sometimes I still nap once I get up with jack while he watches netflix and 80% of the time i nap while the kids nap too. All the sleep, while I can! Last night was the first night where I woke up at 2am and tossed and turned for 2 hours before falling back asleep. I wonder if it’s from going to bed too early or insomnia starting. Or the fact that I woke up to pee and came back to a husband snoring like a freight train.


Salads, peaches/nectarines, boston market, soft baked chocolate chip cookies, ice cold lemon water, ice cream & popsicles


Raw onions, garlic, the thought of mexican food


Nothing 100% but I *think* I might have felt a kick yesterday


  • Nausea. Most days I’ve been taking my meds twice a day.
  • Round ligament pain. Monday was especially painful. I’d get a stabbing pain on both sides whenever I stood up. Baby’s a growin’
  • Hip and lower back pain. And really badly tight it bands that are screaming for my yoga mat. But it’s always either yoga or sleep, and I’ll let you guess which one wins out.
  • Emotional. No real tears but I still get choked up randomly sometimes especially reading about babies or thinking about us becoming a family of 5! I seriously couldn’t be more excited or feel more blessed. Being adopted, I always wanted a large family of my own and I feel really lucky to be creating one and such a sweet one at that! Blessed doesn’t begin to cover it.
  • Achy, breaky…girls. If ya know what I’m hinting. They’ve been growing (wahoo!) and have been fairly sore off and on lately. Sometimes it’s right under my underarm which is strange.
  • Peeing machine. Mostly at night. I’m actually typing at nap time right now because I got fed up after 13 pee breaks in a 20 minute nap. What the eff bladder?!

Looking forward to

  • My in-laws visiting. The boys are at such fun ages, I can’t wait for them to experience them now! And we always have a blast with Mimi and pappy. I’m hoping to pack in a whole lot of fun: zoo, children’s museum, maybe the children’s library?!
  • Finding out the gender and that everything looks 100% in there. We just scheduled our anatomy scan for August 31st! So put your bets in now 😉
  • My favorite cupcakery coming back from their “summer break”. One of my friends informed me that they are now selling ice cream sandwiches. I was so excited to drive over and buy them all when I discovered they’re closed until August 11th. Womp womp. But that’s my next OB appt so obviously I’ll need an ice cream sandwich to celebrate and they’ll be open in time for all the birthdays so I won’t hate them too much.

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