At 15.5 weeks my mom surprised us with a 4D ultrasound. We jumped at the idea to see our littlest one dancing around inside and hoped that maybe, we’d get a sneak peek at the goods. We did and found out what baby #3 is. This morning I had my anatomy scan, where everything was confirmed…


Baby bean #3 is….


We couldn’t be more excited to be expecting another outgoing, adventurous, always dirty, constantly moving, sweet as can be little man to our family in January. Little man is currently hanging out breech, with his booty on my bladder all.the.time. He’s measuring just about 2 weeks ahead and is as perfect as can be. I let out the biggest sigh of relief when they checked and at this point, he has both kidneys! WAHOO! Now here’s to all the prayers that one doesn’t disappear (like it did with Andrew). I go back in 4 weeks for another sono. Apparently with history of preterm labor you get lots more monitoring.

And because I’m sure you’re wondering, we have a name!

Let me introduce to you…KYLE HENDERSON PARKS


Kyle is Bryan’s middle name. Henderson was my grandpa’s middle name and my great grandfather’s first name. It makes me really excited to be passing on a bit of family to our littlest one 🙂


Life Lately

Nesting mode has fully commenced. I spent Thursday running around town with both kids in tow, solo, hitting up our favorite consignment shops for some new-to-us fall/winter clothes for all THREE kids (woah). We got a ton of things and I think we’re totally set for the cooler weather. Unfortunately after an amazing preview of fall-like weather last week, this week we’re expecting temperatures back in the low 90s. But after that I think we’re in the 80s and below for good and we seriously can’t wait! We spent all the mornings last week soaking up the brisk air including our first hike of the season.


I’ve also been making a huge dent in all the shiz we have seemingly everywhere in our house. We just have so much stuff. And with a babe on the way and very little room to begin with, I’m furiously filling up trash bags and donation boxes. We’ve filled 8 trash cans and made 3 trips to Goodwill already and that’s just from surface cleansing.

And even though we’re 22 weeks out from our due date, I’ve gone through all the NB-3 month clothes to make sure we have enough warm clothes for our January babe and ended up washing it all and putting it in the babe’s dresser. It’s crazy how tiny those little onesies are. What else is crazy? The laundry that FIVE people create. It’s never ending.

We’ve been going to the farm every weekend for the past month and a half and are loving it. The boys have a blast running wild and free, petting all the animals and fruit picking. This week was the beginning of apple season!! We picked 7.5lbs and declared an apple pie utterly necessary. We’ve also started buying our weekly vegetables from their market. They’re all grown on the farm and we love supporting such a wonderful place. Plus their produce is outstanding and the prices are great. I just spend our drive home meal planning for the week around what we pick up and so far it’s working out really well.



We’ve finally started to reign in our take out consumption. We were spending way too much money picking up food due to lack of energy/nausea, cravings and just pure exhaustion on all ends. But I’m finally in that sweet spot of pregnancy and with all the wonderful produce and cooler temperatures, I’m excited to get back into the kitchen. I’ll really be excited once I can start cooking chilis, cornbreads, soups and all the crockpot meals 🙂 This week, with the warmer temps, I’ve decided to soak up the last of the summer produce: watermelon, corn on the cob, etc.

In other news, my oldest baby boy starts preschool next week. Where the hell does the time go?! We have preschool orientation this Friday where we’ll meet his teachers and classmates for an hour. G (my mom) is watching Andrew so that Jackson and I can fully engage in the hour of meeting and greeting. I’m trying to really soak up this last week where I get him all to myself. I’m going to miss him but am so excited for him to begin this next chapter, and to enjoy some one on one time with Andrew! I picture LOTS of long fall walks in our future.

What else? Jax had his 3 year checkup last week. He’s officially off the charts for height and weight. He’s 40″ tall and 38lbs (>95% for both). Growing like a weed.


And now I’m off to check more things off the ever growing to do list and begin making more lists, like what we need for baby 3 and what we’ll eventually begin to pack in the hospital bag. Might seem early, but time flies these days. Have a good one! I promise to be back later today with a gender reveal (including baby beans name 🙂 )

A to Z Survey

‘Cause it’s Friday and thinking sounds hard 😉

A to Z Survey

A – Age: I turned 27 on August 14! It feels kind of strange to know I only have 2 birthdays left in my 20s but feel extremely grateful for where I am in life at this point. 30 doesn’t seem so scary now that it’s so close (get back to me in 2 years and I’ll probably be singing a different tune)

B – Biggest Fear: Outliving my children or dying young. I can’t imagine leaving my kids anytime soon and I never want to experience the pain of living life without them. My heart breaks for those parents who have had to experience that heartache or even the fear of it.

C – Current Time: 6:44am

D – Drink You Had Last: Decaf coffee with stevia and 1% milk

E – Easiest Person To Talk To: Andrew, because he doesn’t talk back 😉 Probably my friend Gretta. We share everything with one another and I mean everything. She’s been my biggest rock through some of the hardest things in life and has this way of telling you like it is without breaking your heart in the process, if that makes sense. She’s also my sounding board for all my craziness.

F – Favorite Song: Twilight Time by The Platters

G – Grossest Memory: If you’re eating, skip ahead. The one that comes to memory first is probably the first day I was on my own solo with both kids. I happened to be really sick so I took a trip to the walk in clinic nearby. Everything goes fairly smoothly as I try to keep a rowdy toddler entertained, nurse an infant and do the breathing treatment the doctor prescribes for my bronchitis. And then Jackson starts shifting in the stroller and I see poop start running out of the bottom of his pants leg. I throw the breathing treatment on the counter, put the screaming newborn in his car seat and get the toddler out to clean off. Poop starts falling onto the floor and with each step he takes he starts dropping pellets like hansel and gretel. I’m freaking out and have no idea what to do, totally frazzled. The doc walks in and moves us to a new room and graciously watches the kids while I run, which was a struggle with bronchitis, to the car for the forgotten diaper bag. There’s poop trailing all over the doctors appt, poop up his back, down his legs. It was a disaster. I frantically clean him off, discard all clothes and changing cloths and grab the kids in the stroller to hightail it out of there with 3 prescriptions for antibiotics and total embarrassment. And then get to the car and realize I have zero clue how to fold the giant double bob and strategically get it back into the trunk while both kids scream bloody murder. Needless to say, trial by fire.

H – Happiest Memory: The births of my kids. I can still vividly remember both as if they were yesterday and am so excited to meet this little one!



I – In Love With: Bryan. And our 3 beautiful kids ♡


J – Jealous Of: Bryan. He’s working a long job the past two days and his company put him up in a hotel last night. Let that sink in. He had 14 hours last night to sleep, shower, relax, breathe without tiny minions climbing on him, demanding him, yelling at him, waking him up with loud rocking of the bed and screaming of baby brothers name. Jealous. Totally jealous. I’d settle for an uninterrupted shower that lasts longer than 45 seconds. And a day without changing a poop diaper 🙂

K – Kindest Person You Know: My friend Elise. She’s the most generous, selfless person I know.

L – Longest Relationship: Bryan. We’ve been together 5 years now!


M – Middle name: Marie

N – Number of Siblings: 5 half brothers, 2 half sisters, 2 brother in laws and 3 sister in laws.

O – One Wish: A happy and healthy baby in January!

P – Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last: Bryan.

Q – Question You’re Always Asked: “How old are you?” Or “Can I see an ID” I got carded going to the movies a few weeks ago to see a rated R movie. The lady looked at my ID, returned it and said “oh, sorry.” I’ve also gotten the responses of “you’re aging well” or “you look great for you age” when people find out I’m older than they thought. I don’t really feel like 27 is aging but I guess when they think you’re 16 it is.

R – Reason To Smile: Fall is coming, we have our anatomy sono Monday and Bry gets home for the first time since Tuesday today! Also, apple picking season has begun.


My gosh he was itty-bitty!

S – Song You Last Sang: “The moon song” as Jax refers to it (hush little baby).

T – Time You Woke Up: 4:30am

U – Underwear Color: White

V – Vacation Destination: Were heading to Charlotte in October! I can’t wait. For a dream vacation I’d love to go to Thailand or Budapest. In country, hawaii and the Grand Canyon.

W – Worst Habit: Not folding laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer…which inevitably results in 18 baskets full of clean clothes and absolutely zero desire to spend 2 hours folding it.

X – X-Rays You’ve Had: Ankle from torn ligaments during a tennis match, teeth and back after a bad car accident in high school.

Y – Your Favorite Food: All the food. Cereal, ice cream, chocolate anything, trail mix, Chinese and sushi, chicken parm, bacon, fruit. Foooooood food food. Especially everything from the dessert food group.

Z – Zodiac Sign: Leo

Pregnancy #3: 17 Weeks


How Far Along?

17 weeks + 3 days

Weight Gain

+2.4lbs (3.4lbs total)


Reunited with my yoga mat this week for two 20 minute prenatal yoga sessions and it felt so good! Despite the fact I had one toddler sitting in my lap/hugging my leg or back/laughing hysterically while the other would crawl in and out from between my legs during warrior pose saying “choo chooooooo”.



Sleep sucks. And as much as I could complain I know that in January I’ll be laughing at myself and all the sleep I was getting. I’m up constantly from being uncomfortable to needing to pee and as soon as I finally find a comfortable spot, I have to pee again. Jax is still waking up early (pretty much when he hears Bry wake up at 3:30am). Monday night I decided to try to stop drinking water at 4pm in hopes that it would help and it did! I only got up 3 times to pee, but moving was really painful with lots of round ligament pain (probably from the lack of hydration). It’s always something. Naps are awesome though! I feel like I could honestly sleep for a week straight. I can’t say I’ve ever felt this perpetually exhausted before, even with newborns (but then that hormonal mama thing kicks in then and you kind are just living on hormones at that point..and baby cuddles).


Nothing really. Other than wine! Ive been devouring bags of family sized chips by the bag full but not from a craving but more like total laziness and zero desire to cook. Ive been eating a ton of oatmeal this week (namely because it’s the perfect vesicle for justins maple almond butter. Yum! I can’t get enough of it and just wish it wasn’t so damn expensive). I craved donuts a lot this week! Mmm chocolate frosted. Come to mama. No mistaking where the 2.4lb weight gain in a week came from 😉


BBQ, raw onions


Still nothing consistent.


  • Peeing machine. Especially at night.
  • Exhaustion. See above ^^^^
  • Lots of round ligament pain. It was really painful tuesday and im hoping its just growing pains and not the cyst i have on mu left side doing anything funny. A ton of lower back pain too. Im trying to take it easy and refrain from carrying the boys as best i can.

Looking forward to

  • Our anatomy scan to make sure everything is A-OK. It’s on Monday.
  • Jackson starting preschool in 1.5 weeks. Woah.
  • Fall!!!!!!
  • Apple picking with dada Friday

Pregnancy #3: 16 Weeks

(I just typed Pregnancy #2. Can you tell I’m currently extremely sleep deprived and pregnancy brain/mama brain/lack of brain has kicked in in full effect?! Set me up with a caffeine drip ASAP—also I’m posting this a full week late. Sorry)


How Far Along?

16 weeks + 3 days

Weight Gain

+.4lbs (1lbs total)


A fastish solo 3 mile run on my birthday that felt totally awesome! Especially since it finished at the playground where I met my boys and was followed by a delicious outdoor breakfast. I’d repeat that morning every day if I could. Other than that this week has been spent playing and exploring with MiMi & Pappy. We went peach picking, swam at the pool at their hotel, explored the Children’s Museum for Jackson’s birthday and spent hours at various playgrounds. We’ve been a bit limited with just how much we could do since both boys are fighting colds, though you’d never know it by their intense energy levels. Their constantly snot running noses on the other hand are a head give away.


With MiMi & Pappy in town we’ve been staying up later to catch up and soak up our time with them. Bry started in his own truck this week too which has meant 12-14 hour days, every day. Morning wakeups have been extra early this week and maybe it’s my body’s way of fighting off what the boys have but I feel totally exhausted constantly this week. My brother and sister-in-law just sent us this huge box of generous birthday goodies though and sent me a box of different yummy smelling bath and body soaps and lotions. Half of them are dubbed “SLEEP”. It’s like they sent me heaven in a box. I cannot wait to bust those things open today and soak up some relaxation (as much as you can get with 2 toddlers running around and a birthday party to finish preparing for in the AM)


Salads, fruit, vegetables, CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE DONUTS


BBQ, raw onions


Nothing consistent. I think I’m so used to remembering the firm kicks and wiggles of later pregnancy and am so busy everyday with babes 1 & 2 that the milder movements are often overlooked. Sorry baby :/ But I do feel “flutters” and “something” here and there.


  • Peeing machine. Especially at night. I think babe’s positioned in a way where if I lay on my left side I have the constant urge to pee. If I lay on my right side I only have the urge to pee 80% of the time 🙂 So I’ve been spending my nights rolling around the bed keeping Bryan awake.
  • Exhaustion. We’re planning an overnight stay at a local hotel for December to celebrate our anniversary early (It’s January 12th but since I’ve had 2 early babes all January is pretty much “baby alert” time)/ a babymoon. I cannot wait to SLEEP for an entire night without crying, yelling, rocking or singing coming from the toddlers in the next room.
  • Other than that I’m pretty symptomless. If it wasn’t for this massive belly that appeared seemingly overnight, I really wouldn’t feel pregnant.

Looking forward to

  • Our anatomy scan to make sure everything is A-OK.
  • Jackson’s preschool orientation in 2 weeks. I’m bringing a box of tissues with me.
  • Jackson’s birthday party tomorrow. Not just because I plan on starting the day with 2 dozen donuts for breakfast while we prepare (see: cravings) but he’s been asking when all the “peoples coming to his house”. I just can’t wait to see the excitement on his face when they’re finally here!
  • Fall. Fall walks, fall colors, fall crisp in the air, Halloween, pumpkin everything, apple cider donuts, apple picking, FALL FALL FALL!


Three years ago at this exact moment, 7:36am, we welcomed Jackson Wyatt into our lives. From the moment he made me a mama he’s had me wrapped around his finger, stolen my heart completely and kept me on my toes.


I feel like it was just yesterday that we were decorating the house with everything planes, trains and automobiles to celebrate Jackson turning 2. And somehow I blinked and suddenly my “baby” boy isn’t such a baby anymore. He’s this walking, talking, opinionated little man who is every bit of THREE.


“Where’d these last three years go?” I find myself constantly wondering. I watch him run down the street with abandon, figuring out toys, tools and everything he encounters with amazing ease and words spilling out of his mouth by the dozens. Sometimes the things he says and does are hilarious (like today when I ran into the house for literally 15 seconds to pee and came outside to find him standing with the garden hose totally drenching his baby brother) and although many days are exhausting and we have our fair share of independence stating with strong-willed tantrums and yelling “stop it, MOM!” he’s my favorite little bud.


I have no idea how he ever grows because for all the hours he spends from the moment he awakes at the exhausting hour of 4:–am to the moment we close his bedroom door after goodnight books, kisses & hugs and always at least one run through of “the moon song”, he barely sits still long enough to eat. Lunch is always his best meal since it’s usually on the go, after a long and tiring morning. Lately we’ve been enjoying lots of snacks, fruit and PB&Js. He loves chocolate milk & juice though we give them sparingly. His favorite food used to be Papa John’s pizza (or Panera mac n’ cheese or Wendy’s chicken nuggets–and only from those specific places) but his pickiness has seemed to expand even more lately so that the only thing he ever asks for and will eat without coercion (other than lunch time) is eggs and toast. And usually 90% of that gets left on the plate too.

11000533_10204439331563044_5928756660522404626_o 11017023_10204224985524527_4173906712754822812_n

He’s an active boy. Always on the move. He loves to explore, to use his tools to build and fix things, to run around at the park or splash pads with his friends. He loves to meet new people and easily strikes up conversations with other kids on the playground. He’s especially gentle with the younger kids, always offering a helping hand and will just run around after the bigger ones, inserting himself into a game of chase.  We go to the zoo weekly most weeks and he really enjoys seeing all the animals. He and baby brother especially like to growl at the lions and tigers.


He’s quick to give hugs and kisses, and to tell you “I love you TOO” or “I missed you, mommy”. And it never fails to melt my heart. He’s especially generous with his love giving to Andrew (and to the baby belly). He’s always asking to see the baby and genuinely is excited about it all, especially doctor’s appointments where he sees baby move on the television. At our last one he hugged Andrew and said “Look Andrew! It’s the baby!”


He’s extremely friendly and outgoing and usually really easy going about sharing with other kids. He often tells me on our way to a play date or the park that he wants to share a certain item. Though that sharing is usually in short supply when it comes to Andrew. Don’t let that fool you though, they’re each other’s best friends. And honestly, it’s one of the things I’m most proud of. We wanted our kids close in age and we were very lucky to be able to have them almost 20 months apart. While it was more difficult in the beginning especially and sometimes now with them both being so young, it was absolutely the greatest thing for us. They’re so close to one another and are constantly going to one another for a hug or kiss or telling each other that they love one another. They play really well together a lot of the time and generally just make life so much more fun. Watching them interact and grow together is one of my greatest blessings. I hope their bond just continues to grow with time and expands to allow room for babe #3 in January.


Jack’s at the age where he repeats everything. Sometimes it’s amazing and pride inducing like when he learned to use all his manners from mimicking us. Other times, it’s a bit embarrassing. Like how his newest favorite phrase is “damn it!” Used in correct context of course. Oops. My mom likes to remind me though that next month when he starts school I can just blame it on that 😉


Which brings us to…school. How is he old enough to start preschool already?! We registered him for a 3’s program at a nearby preschool that will be 3 days a week for half days. Thinking about it, and talking to him about it brings out all the ugly tears. Especially when he asks me questions like yesterday morning “mama, are you going to school with me?” No sweet babe, I’m not. “Will you pick me up from school?” OF COURSE! And then he makes me laugh by asking if Andrew will be going to school too. When I tell him no, not yet he connects the dots “Oh, cause Andrew no go pee pee in the potty.” At Jack’s preschool he has to be fully potty-trained or they call the parent to come and change him. We were really nervous about it at first because he’ll have just turned 3 when he starts school which is fairly early for a boy to be potty-trained. But somehow we did it and that awesome kid of ours is full potty-trained (during the day).


I honestly have no idea where the time has gone and how he went from this tiny 7lb 6.2oz baby boy to a 36lb+ little man.  He’s the one who made me a mommy, who fills my day with excitement, joy and fun and reminds me daily to appreciate the little things. Living life through his eyes is such a blessing and I feel so incredibly lucky to be his mama.


Jackson Wyatt, you are the world to us. We couldn’t be more proud of the little man you’re growing into and hope you have the most magical day celebrating YOU. You are loved beyond measure.


Pregnancy #3: 15 Weeks

15 weeks side

How Far Along?

15 weeks + 4 days

Weight Gain

+.4lbs (.6lbs total)


I don’t think I’ve done anything this week actually. Babe went through a big growth spurt that was accompanied with lots of round ligament pain. I set out for a short run on Sunday morning but it felt incredibly uncomfortable so I stopped after a quarter mile. Other than that we’ve been busy getting ready for birthdays, Jack’s birthday party and my in-laws visit. And Bry’s been working nights this week so the days seem extra long and extra exhausting with no extra hands from 4am to 7pm every day. And naps? NEVER publically announce good nappers for they will inevitably “show you” by not napping.


The boys have both been up a ton during the night this week. I have no idea what’s going on but it’s been rough. I feel narcoleptic and have been falling asleep on the couch to wake up to tiny fingers up my nose or in my eyeballs. Nighttime sleep sucks between constantly hearing one of them up and constantly needing to pee. And naps have been cut from 3-4 hours to about an hour this week which has left for extra long days (especially without the usual help of Bry in the afternoons/evenings). It’s all temporary though, I keep reminding myself (as my head crashes onto the keyboard)


Raw vegetable sandwiches are still big. Sea salt kettle chips, chocolate, ice cream and Chinese chicken and cashews.


BBQ and hot and sour soup


Last night I felt the first real movement! It was like babe was having a punching game on my left side. At 2am.


  • Peeing machine. Especially at night when babe is most active.
  • Vomiting. Totally forgot my medicine Tuesday until 5pm and by 8pm I was puking up my guts. Ugh.
  • Exhaustion. I think the shorter naps, endless nighttime wakeups and babe’s growth are making this especially prevalent this week.
  • Hunger. All the time. Every hour or two my stomach is growling and I’m trying to reach for nutrient dense foods to fill my belly.

Looking forward to

  • Bry’s birthday is today! HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY HANDSOME OLD MAN! I’m especially looking forward to the donuts he requested for breakfast. Drooling.
  • Confirming baby’s gender. YES! WE KNOW! My mom surprised us with an early birthday present of a 4D ultrasound yesterday afternoon where we got a 25 minute DVD of our sweet babe dancing around, sleeping and stretching. It was magical and I highly suggest it for mom’s to be. We wish we’d done it the first 2 times around, but it was 4 times more expensive when we were preggo with Jax. Anyway, we KNOW what baby’s going to be 🙂 I’ll share after we tell our family this weekend.


Any guesses?

  • Jackson’s birthday party. Though I feel utterly unprepared for it. I’d say his birthday too but I’m in complete denial that he’ll be THREE.
  • My birthday tomorrow? 27 feels crazy.