Peach Picking at Homestead Farms

Saturday morning we headed out to Homestead Farms again. We hadn’t been since last September when we went Apple Picking <— holy tiny Drew-bug!, and were itching to head back to the gorgeous farm. This time we had one agenda: PEACHES! Peaches are currently one of my biggest pregnancy cravings but they also happen to be a fruit that both boys will happily devour, are great in baked desserts and a fruit I’d never picked before.

Homestead Farms is just over 30 minutes away from us. But the drive is absolutely breathtaking.


At least, some of us thought so. Others rested up for the adventure.


When we got there, both boys ran off to stretch their legs and explore the open areas. They went straight for the tractors, of course, and could only be coaxed away with promises of wheel barrel rides.


Andrew even helped to push.


We finally made it to the peach trees and spent awhile eating and picking the best peaches we could find. They were delicious! And the picking was plentiful.

20150801_091704 20150801_091721

20150801_093135 IMG_20150801_095336

We eventually headed back to the market to pay for our haul of over 12lbs of peaches!!! and picked up some fresh okra, yellow grape tomatoes and zucchini as well. The kids fell in love with the gorgeous puppies on the property, which may just be the friendliest dogs I’ve ever seen.

20150801_093233 IMG_20150801_095458

It was a really fun morning spent and I’m already itching for apple picking season so we can head back.


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