Creek Explorations & Playground Fun

After spending the past year struggling with a phone that’s charging port was defective and thus wouldn’t hold a charge and had so little memory you had to delete pictures before you could snap a new one, I am so excited for our early birthday present from my in-laws! They bought us a new phone and I can’t tell you what a world of difference it makes to actually have a working phone. And now that I have a ton of empty memory begging for pictures, we’ve been unabashedly snapping away like crazy.

Usually Mondays are pretty laid back around here as we try to transition back into the work week and daddy being gone from 3:30am on. This week is the first one in awhile where we only have one thing on our agenda the entire week. It’s both exciting with the possibilities that abound and kind of weird to try to figure out how to fill all the hours in the day with fun.

Monday morning was absolutely gorgeous, with lower temps and low humidity that gave just the hint of Fall. We decided to walk to one of our favorite parks which is exactly a mile from our house and very shaded. We spent an hour swinging, running and climbing and even had the pleasure of G (my mom) stopping by to play a bit before heading into work.

20150803_082328 20150803_084934

After awhile the boys were starting to stray to the trail that runs along the park so we packed up and headed for a walk down to the creek. The creek runs along the entire trail but at one spot in particular, there’s easy access to the water and it’s a great place for the kids to dip their feet (or bodies). So we played there for a long time to really wear them out.

20150803_090746 20150803_090831 IMG_20150803_090257

Eventually we headed home, with a 15 minute break at the nearby construction site to watch the tractors load dump trucks with huge rocks. The boys ate their lunch on the go and Andrew passed out before we made it to the front door.

We played a bit more at home, changed into clean clothes and eventually headed down for naps. When the boys awoke I had one thing on my mind: PIZZA! After lots of research on Yelp and texts to foodie friends we were directed to a new-to-us wood fire pizza place a few miles from our house. We ordered a pizza to go and some bruschetta and enjoyed it at home. It was absolutely delicious and totally fulfilled my craving!


A great Monday from start to finish. And the week has just begun!


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