Pregnancy #3: 14 Weeks

14 weeks

How Far Along?

14 weeks + 4 days

Weight Gain

+2ish lbs? I’m sitting at around 111.2 which is .2lbs above pre-pregnancy! Wahoo.


Woah were we on the move this week. I’m actually trying to recall everything we did.
Th: 1mi walk to a local park with the boys.
F: 2mi run + 1mi walk (1mi/1mi/1mi interval style) with the double BOB
S: Peach picking!
Su: 3mi solo run + walking around the zoo
M: 2+mi walk to and from and around the park and creek
T: 2mi? We walked to the metro then from the metro to a local park + spray park then ended up walking to meet friends for lunch. Luckily my mom met up with us too and drove us home cause by the time we were done eating it was blazing hot and 2pm!! AKA wayyyy past naptime.
W: 7mi?! So much walking. We decided to run/walk downtown for our weekly Whole Foods kids class then walked around there for a bit and played in the fountain. Then walked to the metro and metroed home + walked home from metro. Run total was 1.75mi (with double BOB)


I’m still so tired. But the long days are making for incredible naptimes *knock on wood*. I’m talking 3-4 hour naps!! It’s amazing. Though I think all the mid-day snoozing is causing Jax to regress to his 4:30-4:45am wakeups. I’ll take it though. And now that they’re going to bed at 7pm it feels like 7 comes SO fast. I think that’s namely because they’re napping til 4 most days. I accept. I’ve been coma sleeping at naptime with them but could use some earlier bedtimes for myself. We’ve been suckered into Blacklist on Netflix and watch an episode after we put the boys to bed. Even that extra hour of sleep is dearly missed when I’m up so frequently to pee. I think the babe is in the super awkward position where it’s mostly on my left side and right on my bladder so if I try to sleep on that side I have the constant urge to pee. It’s a circus act trying to find a position I can sleep in comfortably and not feel the need to pee. And I’m only at 14.5 weeks! Yikes. What’s to come?!


Tuna! It was so bad I had to cut myself off cause I’d eaten 4 tuna sandwiches in the span of 2 days. AKA twice the recommended amount when you’re preggo. Peaches are still huge, most fruit, raw vegetable sandwiches + salads and on Monday a desperate need for wood fired pizza. Yum!


The thought of BBQ (at 7 weeks I had an unfortunate bout of horrid MS after a BBQ feast *shudder*), raw onions, the aftertaste of onions or garlic


Lots of little pulling and twinges but no real kicks or wiggles YET


  • Nausea. Mostly at night. I still take my meds daily.
  • Hip and lower back pain. Still need to pull out my yoga mat.
  • Emotional. Still getting pretty choked up randomly.
  • Peeing machine. Mostly at night. It’s bad. I want a catheter.

Looking forward to

  • Bry’s birthday next Thursday! And my birthday next Friday. How is it that time of the year again already?!
  • Hearing babe’s sweet HB Tuesday. And of course the anatomy scan August 31st.
  • My in-laws visiting NEXT weekend.
  • Planning Jackson’s birthday party. I really need to get on that stat.

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