Day of Eats

I’ve wanted to do a “What I Ate” blog post for awhile but always forget to capture something before devouring it. I finally did it! So here’s a look at Tuesday’s eats.

4am: A bowl of TJ’s raisin bran with fresh blueberries and 1% milk (no picture cause we try to just watch Netflix in the dark while mama tries to fall asleep undetected on the couch until Andrew awakes)

7am: 2nd breakfast with both boys. Egg & vegetable casserole + cantaloupe and blueberries

20150811_070736 (1)

9am: Salted roasted almonds in the car on the way to the Children’s Library


11am: LUNCH! Raw vegetable sandwich: 2 slices Arnold’s protein bread, red pepper hummus, feta cheese, red bell peppers, cucumber & tomatoes


Noon: Small fruit salad of cantaloupe and blackberries


3pm: Clementines with my littles at the park


5pm: Apricot chicken, roasted okra and rice pilaf

20150811_152726 (1)

6pm: Ice cream sandwich


7pm: Leftover hot and sour soup + a peach

20150811_193933 20150811_194111


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