Pregnancy #3: 15 Weeks

15 weeks side

How Far Along?

15 weeks + 4 days

Weight Gain

+.4lbs (.6lbs total)


I don’t think I’ve done anything this week actually. Babe went through a big growth spurt that was accompanied with lots of round ligament pain. I set out for a short run on Sunday morning but it felt incredibly uncomfortable so I stopped after a quarter mile. Other than that we’ve been busy getting ready for birthdays, Jack’s birthday party and my in-laws visit. And Bry’s been working nights this week so the days seem extra long and extra exhausting with no extra hands from 4am to 7pm every day. And naps? NEVER publically announce good nappers for they will inevitably “show you” by not napping.


The boys have both been up a ton during the night this week. I have no idea what’s going on but it’s been rough. I feel narcoleptic and have been falling asleep on the couch to wake up to tiny fingers up my nose or in my eyeballs. Nighttime sleep sucks between constantly hearing one of them up and constantly needing to pee. And naps have been cut from 3-4 hours to about an hour this week which has left for extra long days (especially without the usual help of Bry in the afternoons/evenings). It’s all temporary though, I keep reminding myself (as my head crashes onto the keyboard)


Raw vegetable sandwiches are still big. Sea salt kettle chips, chocolate, ice cream and Chinese chicken and cashews.


BBQ and hot and sour soup


Last night I felt the first real movement! It was like babe was having a punching game on my left side. At 2am.


  • Peeing machine. Especially at night when babe is most active.
  • Vomiting. Totally forgot my medicine Tuesday until 5pm and by 8pm I was puking up my guts. Ugh.
  • Exhaustion. I think the shorter naps, endless nighttime wakeups and babe’s growth are making this especially prevalent this week.
  • Hunger. All the time. Every hour or two my stomach is growling and I’m trying to reach for nutrient dense foods to fill my belly.

Looking forward to

  • Bry’s birthday is today! HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY HANDSOME OLD MAN! I’m especially looking forward to the donuts he requested for breakfast. Drooling.
  • Confirming baby’s gender. YES! WE KNOW! My mom surprised us with an early birthday present of a 4D ultrasound yesterday afternoon where we got a 25 minute DVD of our sweet babe dancing around, sleeping and stretching. It was magical and I highly suggest it for mom’s to be. We wish we’d done it the first 2 times around, but it was 4 times more expensive when we were preggo with Jax. Anyway, we KNOW what baby’s going to be 🙂 I’ll share after we tell our family this weekend.


Any guesses?

  • Jackson’s birthday party. Though I feel utterly unprepared for it. I’d say his birthday too but I’m in complete denial that he’ll be THREE.
  • My birthday tomorrow? 27 feels crazy.

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