Pregnancy #3: 16 Weeks

(I just typed Pregnancy #2. Can you tell I’m currently extremely sleep deprived and pregnancy brain/mama brain/lack of brain has kicked in in full effect?! Set me up with a caffeine drip ASAP—also I’m posting this a full week late. Sorry)


How Far Along?

16 weeks + 3 days

Weight Gain

+.4lbs (1lbs total)


A fastish solo 3 mile run on my birthday that felt totally awesome! Especially since it finished at the playground where I met my boys and was followed by a delicious outdoor breakfast. I’d repeat that morning every day if I could. Other than that this week has been spent playing and exploring with MiMi & Pappy. We went peach picking, swam at the pool at their hotel, explored the Children’s Museum for Jackson’s birthday and spent hours at various playgrounds. We’ve been a bit limited with just how much we could do since both boys are fighting colds, though you’d never know it by their intense energy levels. Their constantly snot running noses on the other hand are a head give away.


With MiMi & Pappy in town we’ve been staying up later to catch up and soak up our time with them. Bry started in his own truck this week too which has meant 12-14 hour days, every day. Morning wakeups have been extra early this week and maybe it’s my body’s way of fighting off what the boys have but I feel totally exhausted constantly this week. My brother and sister-in-law just sent us this huge box of generous birthday goodies though and sent me a box of different yummy smelling bath and body soaps and lotions. Half of them are dubbed “SLEEP”. It’s like they sent me heaven in a box. I cannot wait to bust those things open today and soak up some relaxation (as much as you can get with 2 toddlers running around and a birthday party to finish preparing for in the AM)


Salads, fruit, vegetables, CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE DONUTS


BBQ, raw onions


Nothing consistent. I think I’m so used to remembering the firm kicks and wiggles of later pregnancy and am so busy everyday with babes 1 & 2 that the milder movements are often overlooked. Sorry baby :/ But I do feel “flutters” and “something” here and there.


  • Peeing machine. Especially at night. I think babe’s positioned in a way where if I lay on my left side I have the constant urge to pee. If I lay on my right side I only have the urge to pee 80% of the time 🙂 So I’ve been spending my nights rolling around the bed keeping Bryan awake.
  • Exhaustion. We’re planning an overnight stay at a local hotel for December to celebrate our anniversary early (It’s January 12th but since I’ve had 2 early babes all January is pretty much “baby alert” time)/ a babymoon. I cannot wait to SLEEP for an entire night without crying, yelling, rocking or singing coming from the toddlers in the next room.
  • Other than that I’m pretty symptomless. If it wasn’t for this massive belly that appeared seemingly overnight, I really wouldn’t feel pregnant.

Looking forward to

  • Our anatomy scan to make sure everything is A-OK.
  • Jackson’s preschool orientation in 2 weeks. I’m bringing a box of tissues with me.
  • Jackson’s birthday party tomorrow. Not just because I plan on starting the day with 2 dozen donuts for breakfast while we prepare (see: cravings) but he’s been asking when all the “peoples coming to his house”. I just can’t wait to see the excitement on his face when they’re finally here!
  • Fall. Fall walks, fall colors, fall crisp in the air, Halloween, pumpkin everything, apple cider donuts, apple picking, FALL FALL FALL!

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