Pregnancy #3: 17 Weeks


How Far Along?

17 weeks + 3 days

Weight Gain

+2.4lbs (3.4lbs total)


Reunited with my yoga mat this week for two 20 minute prenatal yoga sessions and it felt so good! Despite the fact I had one toddler sitting in my lap/hugging my leg or back/laughing hysterically while the other would crawl in and out from between my legs during warrior pose saying “choo chooooooo”.



Sleep sucks. And as much as I could complain I know that in January I’ll be laughing at myself and all the sleep I was getting. I’m up constantly from being uncomfortable to needing to pee and as soon as I finally find a comfortable spot, I have to pee again. Jax is still waking up early (pretty much when he hears Bry wake up at 3:30am). Monday night I decided to try to stop drinking water at 4pm in hopes that it would help and it did! I only got up 3 times to pee, but moving was really painful with lots of round ligament pain (probably from the lack of hydration). It’s always something. Naps are awesome though! I feel like I could honestly sleep for a week straight. I can’t say I’ve ever felt this perpetually exhausted before, even with newborns (but then that hormonal mama thing kicks in then and you kind are just living on hormones at that point..and baby cuddles).


Nothing really. Other than wine! Ive been devouring bags of family sized chips by the bag full but not from a craving but more like total laziness and zero desire to cook. Ive been eating a ton of oatmeal this week (namely because it’s the perfect vesicle for justins maple almond butter. Yum! I can’t get enough of it and just wish it wasn’t so damn expensive). I craved donuts a lot this week! Mmm chocolate frosted. Come to mama. No mistaking where the 2.4lb weight gain in a week came from 😉


BBQ, raw onions


Still nothing consistent.


  • Peeing machine. Especially at night.
  • Exhaustion. See above ^^^^
  • Lots of round ligament pain. It was really painful tuesday and im hoping its just growing pains and not the cyst i have on mu left side doing anything funny. A ton of lower back pain too. Im trying to take it easy and refrain from carrying the boys as best i can.

Looking forward to

  • Our anatomy scan to make sure everything is A-OK. It’s on Monday.
  • Jackson starting preschool in 1.5 weeks. Woah.
  • Fall!!!!!!
  • Apple picking with dada Friday

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