Life Lately

Nesting mode has fully commenced. I spent Thursday running around town with both kids in tow, solo, hitting up our favorite consignment shops for some new-to-us fall/winter clothes for all THREE kids (woah). We got a ton of things and I think we’re totally set for the cooler weather. Unfortunately after an amazing preview of fall-like weather last week, this week we’re expecting temperatures back in the low 90s. But after that I think we’re in the 80s and below for good and we seriously can’t wait! We spent all the mornings last week soaking up the brisk air including our first hike of the season.


I’ve also been making a huge dent in all the shiz we have seemingly everywhere in our house. We just have so much stuff. And with a babe on the way and very little room to begin with, I’m furiously filling up trash bags and donation boxes. We’ve filled 8 trash cans and made 3 trips to Goodwill already and that’s just from surface cleansing.

And even though we’re 22 weeks out from our due date, I’ve gone through all the NB-3 month clothes to make sure we have enough warm clothes for our January babe and ended up washing it all and putting it in the babe’s dresser. It’s crazy how tiny those little onesies are. What else is crazy? The laundry that FIVE people create. It’s never ending.

We’ve been going to the farm every weekend for the past month and a half and are loving it. The boys have a blast running wild and free, petting all the animals and fruit picking. This week was the beginning of apple season!! We picked 7.5lbs and declared an apple pie utterly necessary. We’ve also started buying our weekly vegetables from their market. They’re all grown on the farm and we love supporting such a wonderful place. Plus their produce is outstanding and the prices are great. I just spend our drive home meal planning for the week around what we pick up and so far it’s working out really well.



We’ve finally started to reign in our take out consumption. We were spending way too much money picking up food due to lack of energy/nausea, cravings and just pure exhaustion on all ends. But I’m finally in that sweet spot of pregnancy and with all the wonderful produce and cooler temperatures, I’m excited to get back into the kitchen. I’ll really be excited once I can start cooking chilis, cornbreads, soups and all the crockpot meals 🙂 This week, with the warmer temps, I’ve decided to soak up the last of the summer produce: watermelon, corn on the cob, etc.

In other news, my oldest baby boy starts preschool next week. Where the hell does the time go?! We have preschool orientation this Friday where we’ll meet his teachers and classmates for an hour. G (my mom) is watching Andrew so that Jackson and I can fully engage in the hour of meeting and greeting. I’m trying to really soak up this last week where I get him all to myself. I’m going to miss him but am so excited for him to begin this next chapter, and to enjoy some one on one time with Andrew! I picture LOTS of long fall walks in our future.

What else? Jax had his 3 year checkup last week. He’s officially off the charts for height and weight. He’s 40″ tall and 38lbs (>95% for both). Growing like a weed.


And now I’m off to check more things off the ever growing to do list and begin making more lists, like what we need for baby 3 and what we’ll eventually begin to pack in the hospital bag. Might seem early, but time flies these days. Have a good one! I promise to be back later today with a gender reveal (including baby beans name 🙂 )


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