Pregnancy #3: 18 Weeks

18 weeks How Far Along?

18 weeks + 3 days

Weight Gain

+1.8lbs (5.2lbs total)


I’ve been battling some intense hip pain and cramping (especially on my right side) for the past week or so. Babe is currently breech so maybe that has something to do with it, but whatever it is he’s in an incredibly uncomfortable position. Even still I’ve managed to get some movement this week thanks in no small part to the incredible Fall-like weather we had.

Thursday: 40min hike with both boys solo. I woke Andrew on my back. All 30lbs of him. Whew.
Friday: 3.75mi double stroller walk on a local trail. Took it really easy.
Saturday: OFF- Apple picking
Sunday: OFF- Errands. So many errands.
Monday: OFF- Just walked to a local playground
Tuesday: 3mi double stroller walk + 20min prenatal yoga
Wednesday: 40min prenatal workout (10min cardio, 20min ST, 10min yoga)


Sleep? What’s that? We’ve had 1,001 issues with Jackson’s bed lately and cannot for the life of us figure out what to do. Any and all suggestions are welcome! Basically, Jax is a rocker. He’s rocked in his crib for as long as we can remember. And now that’s he’s in a toddler bed, he still rocks himself to sleep and rocks as soon as he wakes up. It’s actually so bad that he has a permanent bump on the top of his head from where it hits the side of his bed. Anyway, he rocks so hard that he broke the springs that held up the mattress, if that makes sense. They still held it up but made incredibly loud and annoying sounds every time he moved a muscle, turned over, rocked, etc. Last weekend we took the spring support off the bed and put his old mattress directly on the floor with a non-slip guard under it, then bought a new mattress and put that over the old mattress to elevate him to the right height. So basically his old mattress is working as a box spring. Well, not when he rocks it’s much less noisy but his new mattress and his bed itself slide with him as he rocks while the old mattress stay stationary, making the entire top mattress topple to one side and create a huge uneven surface that I think is affecting his sleep (obviously). So since we switched his bed around his new wake up times are 3:30-4am!! EVERYDAY! HELP. Any suggestions? I’m about to re-add the spring, WD-40 the hell out of it and buy earplugs for the entire family. I’d be more than happy to get a new bed for him, since we need a new bed with Kyle coming anyway (then transition the less noisy and moving Andrew to Jackson’s current bed) but I’m afraid no bed could sustain his brute force. Help.


At this very moment: soft baked chocolate chip cookies!  Monday I had a huge hankering for tacos. Specifically the carnitas and fish tacos I had on our date night Saturday. Yesterday my craving was pizza. Instagram does not do a pregnant woman any good. And I’d still kill for a glass of red wine. Coffee doesn’t just sound OK again, it sounds DELICIOUS! I’ve had to consciously avoid Starbucks anytime I see one (way overpriced) and have been enjoying decaf coffee with 1% and stevia every morning (and sometimes afternoon). Yum.


The aftertaste of garlic and onions.


YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been feeling kicks. Real, live, KICKS this week and couldn’t be more excited. He’ll only usually kick once or twice so Bry hasn’t felt him yet but yesterday at naptime he was having a party with at least 5-6 kicks and it was awesome. I love the little reassurance that he’s in there doing well.

Baby Stats

We had our anatomy scan Monday and everything looked great! He’s currently sporting 2 kidneys, and while it’s extremely reassuring, it doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet. Andrew had totally normal ultrasounds until our 34 week one when they realized one of his previously existing kidneys was no longer visible. Kyle is still a boy 🙂 , measuring 10 ounces and totally breech. Which I won’t lie, really scares me. I know he has plenty of time to turn, but he needs to start movin’. Depending on what measurements you go by (his head is measuring the largest ahead right now) he’s measuring about 2 weeks ahead! And his head being gigantic also terrifies me when thinking of baby date. Hah!


  • Peeing machine. As soon as I pee and make it back to whatever I was doing (usually sitting on the couch) I have to pee again.
  • Hip pain and cramping. Likely from his positioning according to the sono tech on Monday.

Looking forward to

  • Fall weather to stay for good. It’s my favorite time of year by far.
  • Jackson’s preschool orientation on Friday. I can’t believe it’s already here! He starts school officially next Wednesday. Yikes.
  • My OB appt. tomorrow morning. I have 78 questions for my OB (I’m kind of freaking out a bit as we get closer to GO time because I’m with a new OB this pregnancy. I loved my OB from my first 2 pregnancies but our insurance changed and he’s no longer covered (WAHH!) I’m a wee bit terrified about birthing with a new doc but am glad that we’re at the same hospital since that’s really what matters most to me on the big day–since the hospital nurses really do most of the laboring with you).
  • Meeting this baby boy! I know we have a long way to go but I seriously get so excited and overwhelmed thinking of the day we finally get to hold him in our arms and begin our journey of getting to know him. I’m so in love already!

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