1st Day of Preschool

Just like that, my baby boy isn’t such a baby anymore. He’s this walking, talking, opinionated, outgoing little man who is suddenly old enough for school! He had his first day of 3’s preschool and couldn’t have been more excited to start.


He’ll be going three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) for 4 hours in the mornings. He’s ready for the social interaction and school structure and as January nears and the belly grows, I’m ready for some one on one time with my soon to be middle child.

He loved his first day and ran into the class without so much as a goodbye or a glance back. He was hooked.

IMG_20150909_0905283042 IMG_20150909_0905378432

As we left, Andrew realized big brother wasn’t coming home with us and had a mini meltdown all the way to the trail. He was fine once we got there (5 minutes later) and we both enjoyed a gorgeous morning run.


When I finished running, we ended at a park and played for an hour before heading home for lunch, showers and more playtime. He was truly giddy as he realized the absence of big brother meant all the toys were just for him and all Mommys attention was his as well.


Before we knew it it was time to pack up and head back to pick up Jackson (the first 2 weeks are only 3 hours as the kids transition). I’ll admit, seeing him at pickup cued all the waterworks. It took a lot to hold back the tears. I just can’t believe how big he’s gotten and how independent. He was excited to tell me all about his day (he “ate all his lunch and played with his friend Layla at the park at his school”). And as hard as it is to let my baby go and start this next journey, that will inevitably last the next 15 years, I’m so proud of him and his confidence to start this next phase. It makes me appreciate our time together more and gives me a much needed break to just be one on one with Andrew, and soon with Kyle as well. I think all around our decision to start preschool this year was the best one we could have made for our family and I’m excited to see how he’ll learn and grow!


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