‘Pregnancy #3: 19 Weeks

19 weeks

How Far Along?

19 weeks + 4 days (I’m thinking I need to start updating on the day I actually change weeks as we get further along)

Weight Gain

-.2lbs (+5lbs total–as of Monday (19w1d). My mom’s borrowing our scale so I haven’t weighed since then. Probably up from there now).


Thursday: 20 min prenatal workout DVD
Friday: 40min Prenatal workout (10m cardio, 20m strength, 10m yoga)
Saturday: 2.5mi solo run!
Sunday: 2mi walk + 20min prenatal yoga (my hips and lower back were incredibly tight and yoga feels amazing right now
Monday: 2mi walk
Tuesday: 3mi double stroller walk + 30min prenatal workout (20min strength, 10min yoga)
Wednesday: 2.75mi stroller run with Andrew + 20min prenatal yoga


I have no idea what’s going on with Jackson’s sleep schedule. He’s up at 3:30am every weekday and will sleep til 4:30-5am on the weekends. He wakes up tired though and doesn’t really wake up, wake up for a few hours. I can tell he needs to sleep more, and he’ll even voice it but he’s yelling and rocking when we go in at 3:30 (otherwise I’d gladly let the kid sleep). I’m hoping getting on a preschool schedule will help matters as he won’t be able to nap until 1:30pm. We’ll see. But the lack of sleep is making this mama pretty darn cranky.


Nothing. Is that weird? I mean, chocolate everything always sounds good but no real cravings right now. I even volunteered to bring dessert to Friday’s BBQ at Jackson’s preschool for the sole purpose of satisfying my brownie desire.


The aftertaste of garlic and onions.


Yup 🙂 And I love it! Yesterday I actually felt a hard spot in my belly that got really tight and sort of hurt, then moved away. Pretty sure it was little man’s not so little head. So exciting!


  • Thirst. All the time. Which leads to peeing all the time.
  • I feel snacky constantly. Not really hunger, just a desire to shovel food into my mouth at an alarming rate all the darn time.
  • Last night my right lower back started to really hurt. I rested on the couch most of the night and when I woke up it was even worse. I’m thinking I probably tweaked it picking up a 30lb Andrew while laying down. I’m hoping it feels better soon.
  • Not really a symptom but I’m already in the stage of nothing fits. Most of my maternity clothes are either Fall/Winter or incredibly stretched out summer clothes from my pregnancy with Jackson. Getting dressed in the morning is no small feat, especially on the days I have to actually look like a human being to drop Jack off. I’m ready for Fall weather already.

Looking forward to

  • Fall EVERYTHING. I especially have my sweet tooth on caramel apples, apple cider donuts and apple cider. Gestational Diabetes test be damned 😉 (thankfully I have this set for 2 weeks from now so hopefully I pass and then can indulge in all things sugar come Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas…oh pregnancy during the holidays)
  • Jackson starting preschool yesterday! He already loves it and ran into the classroom without so much as a goodbye. Ouch.
  • Solo hikes/runs/bonding time with Andrew
  • Bry and the boys feeling Kyle move! I think Jackson especially is going to freak out!
  • Visiting Charlotte next month! I’m ready for a family getaway with the crazy hours Bry’s been working and I’m really excited to check out Charlotte in the Fall.

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