Hiking Sugarloaf

Monday morning felt like a rude awakening to a new week. I’d swear it should’ve been a Thursday or Friday but as I kept staring at the calendar on our refrigerator, the day of the week wouldn’t change. Between Bry being on call this week (meaning all weekend we were confined to a 3 mile radius in case he received an emergency call–which he did. 3 of them) and a Sunday night that included several middle of the night wake ups from the boys, I wasn’t at all prepared for another Monday morning. I knew in order to keep us all content, we had to get out of the house and I had my mind set on one thing.

Fall to me means all the hiking. It’s a little more difficult choosing a destination and setting out when 1) I’m solo with 2 toddlers and 2) I’m pregnant. But I quickly made a mental agreement with myself to go into it without any expectations, to enjoy the adventure even if we only got out for 20 minutes before Jackson called quits. I am so glad we headed out because we had a fantastic morning with perfect weather and the greatest 2.5 hiking companions I could ask for.

We’re extremely lucky to live in the midst of literally hundreds of different trails (and even more that aren’t so well known). I wanted to set out to one we hadn’t been to much before and that wouldn’t be too far of a hike for Jackson since I’m unable to carry both him and Andrew currently. We’ve hiked Sugarloaf Mountain once before as a family when Andrew was 4 months old and Jax had just turned 2!


There are multiple trails to the summit but one consists of a quarter mile of straight steps. While steep, and exhausting, it’s a short hike for a gorgeous view and along the summit there’s a vast open flat area where I knew the boys could both let loose some energy before the descent back down, which would be 3/4 of a mile to avoid the steep steps. Another bonus of Sugarloaf, bathrooms right at the parking lot. A huge plus for a pregnant mama and a potty trained toddler.

By 8am we were in the car and on our way. The boys spent the drive singing and dancing and before we knew it we were driving up the mountain. Jax immediately jumped out of the car and started playing on some large rocks nearby the parking lot while I got Andrew situated in the Ergo on my back. I’ve found it’s much more comfortable than the hiking pack while pregnant. And then we started climbing.


Up, up, up we went. My mama heart burst with pride as Jackson tackled the never ending stairs to the top all by himself.

20 minutes later we were greeted with breathtaking views.


Jackson, my ever moving little man, sat on the rocks just taking in the scenery.


I let Andrew out to explore and he had a blast throwing (and eating) rocks.


We eventually made our way back down the mountain. Jackson was pretty exhausted on the way back (he’s also fighting a small cold) and stopped for a few sitting breaks. But we walked the entire way back to the car, hand in hand. Once we reached the car, the largest smile appeared on his tiny face as he exclaimed “I hiked a mountain, all by myself!!!”

In that moment I vowed to do more adventures and toss aside the excuses that so often spring to mind when exhaustion sets in. I’m extremely lucky to be able to be a stay at home mom, to be the one here each day raising my sons. I know that in no time they’ll all be off to school and I’ll be headed back to work every morning. I don’t want to look back on this fleeting time with regret. I want to know I made the most of each day and that most importantly, I created a childhood with lasting, fun and incredible memories my kids will always cherish. I know I will.


3 thoughts on “Hiking Sugarloaf

    • It’s often more exhausting to sit around and try to entertain two active toddlers than go on adventures. And we all benefit from the endorphins 🙂 Sugarloaf is 10 miles south of frederick in Dickerson, maryland

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