Pregnancy #3: 20 Weeks


Happy over halfway there, baby!!!

How Far Along?

20 weeks + 3 days

Weight Gain

+~2.6lbs (+7.6lbs total weight gain)


Thursday: Rest. My back was hurting like crazy. I just rested + iced/heated it all day
Friday: 3ish mi single stroller run w/ a mama friend. Moving actually helped my back vs. sitting/lying down
Saturday: Rest. It rained all day so we just soaked up family time + ran errands.
Sunday: 2mi walk w/ the boys + 2.5mi solo run
Monday: Hiked Sugarloaf + 30min prenatal workout (20min strength, 10min yoga)
Tuesday: 40min prenatal workout–toning & cardio
Wednesday: 5k single stroller run + 1.5mi walk


Covered bump at exactly 20w 


I’m at the point where I can’t figure out how to sleep, position wise. You’re ideally supposed to sleep on your left side (which is how I normally sleep) but if I’m fully on my left side, I have the constant urge to pee from Kyle’s positioning. Lying on my back is ill advised (constricts blood flow). Lying on my right side is also not ideal but sometimes helps me to initially fall asleep. Half the time I wake up almost completely, or completely, on my back and then silently chastise myself for endangering the babe as I heave ho myself out of bed to pee. So in a nutshell, we’re not doing so well in the sleep department. Overall I think I’m getting about 7 hours or on/off sleep so at least that’s somewhat good and daily naps are a definite. I get the best sleep during that hour.


Chinese food. Specifically our local place’s orange beef. We ended up ordering some last night for dinner after yet another solo day parenting (being in the kitchen cooking while the boys are unsupervised is a really bad decision). It was AWESOME.


The aftertaste of garlic and onions.


Daily I feel tiny little kicks. Yesterday when I got out of the car I felt a painful pressure on the side of my belly button that I’m pretty sure was a tiny body part (probably his head). I love getting to this point where you can really start to feel the little one inside. ALSO: BRY FELT KYLE KICK!!


  • Never ending thirst.
  • Back pain on my lower right side that lasted 2-3 days. It was really bad at it’s peak but thankfully movement helped it and I feel pretty 90% now 🙂
  • Nausea. Yup. Still. I’m still taking Diclegis daily but get nauseous here and there, especially at night.


  • I’m debating running a 5k in mid October. It’s the only 5k I’ve ever run (& somehow won), is local and small, supports a great cause and for all those reasons is close to my heart. But at the same time I’ll be 24w pregnant, it rained + was 50 degrees race morning last year and while pregnant, being sick is something I’d like to avoid. Plus I’m unsure if I’m willing to put myself in a position to push it and despite my mind saying I can just walk and run for fun, I know it’s easier said than done.
  • Speaking of running, it’s going well!  I’ve been taking Andrew out for stroller runs every morning Jacks in preschool. He snoozed and says hi to everyone (& everything) we pass and I get a bit of mama time. I’ll say though that almost every run starts out feeling uncomfortable. Kyle’s hanging out really low and I think coupled with his breech positioning it’s a ton of pressure down there when we first start out. But I take it slow, chug water and walk up the big hills and almost always by mile 1, I feel totally great and he’s repositioned himself more comfortably. If the pressure didn’t go away, I’d stop but I think after 3 pregnancies I’ve finally figured out the difference between positioning discomfort and i-need-to-stop-now, potential danger discomfort.
  • I’m loving pumpkin protein pancakes. It’s my new go-to breakfast lately. I make a serving of Kodiak power cakes with pumpkin, an egg and 1/2c 1% milk plus ground cinnamon,  ground flax and chia seeds. Once cooked I smother them in crunchy pb and maple syrup and devour. So so good. And as I type this, I’m seriously thinking of making another batch cause they sound delicious!
  • I’m ready for fall weather to come and stay. I’m done with you, mid 80s.

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