Pregnancy #3: 21 Weeks

21 weeks

How Far Along?

21 weeks + 3 days

Weight Gain

+.8lbs (+8lbs total weight gain)


Thursday: 20min prenatal workout (strength training)
Friday: 3.66mi run w/ Andrew
Saturday: Hiked Harpers Ferry (2.2mi) with an adorable 30lb weight on my back
Sunday: Walked around my old college campus + 20min prenatal yoga
Monday: 3mi run + 2.25mi walk w/ Andrew
Tuesday: 2 hour hike w/ the boys (because the trail lied about being a loop) +20min ST+20min prenatal yoga
Wednesday: 25min/1000m swim <– I hadn’t swam laps since I was pregnant with Andrew!


I can honestly say I don’t remember ever feeling so exhausted. I think I might be fighting the cold the boys have but I basically feel like I could fall into a deep coma at any given moment, which makes productivity a bit impossible. I’m beat. Which makes me terrified for January when the real sleepless nights begin. Yikes. I did get an awesome night of sleep Monday night which was incredible. And then Tuesday night I tossed and turned the entire night (I think because my shoulders were so sore from carrying Andrew in the Ergo for 2 hours + I was really nauseous).


Caramel apples. And chocolate. If you offered me a dozen donuts right now, I would definitely not object either 🙂 Yesterday I really wanted Orange Beef so we had Chinese for dinner. It was yummy!


The aftertaste of garlic and onions.


Oh yes and it’s starting to become fairly predictable. He likes to party at naptime, at bedtime and any other time I could otherwise sneak in some shut eye 😉 His kicks are becoming rather strong too!


  • Bloating. As if the belly wasn’t big enough to begin with, I’ve been incredibly bloated this week which is incredibly uncomfortable. It was so bad towards the end of the week that I felt nauseous most of the day from it.
  • Nausea. It’s especially bad in the afternoons.
  • The girls have been tingly? this week. I think they’re growing/milk stuff is going on.

Fun Comparison:

Left: 21 weeks with Kyle, Right: 21 weeks with Andrew

21w comparison


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