A Day of Eats: Second Trimester

5am: I slowly sip two cups of half decaf/half buttery caramel coffee with 1% milk + stevia while Jackson watches Netflix and Andrew still sleeps

7am: Get Andrew up and we all sit down to breakfast. I’ve been on a pancake kick lately. 1 serving of Kodiak power cakes made with 1 egg, 1% milk, 1/2c organic pumpkin puree, ground cinnamon, chia seeds and ground flaxseed. Once cooked I top them with crunchy PB and 100% maple syrup

(Apparently I lost the picture. Whomp whomp)

9am: Several handfuls of TJ’S omega-3 trail mix


10am: After a 3mi run with Andrew in the jogging stroller I shovel in a cup of strawberry greek yogurt topped with cheerios (for a little extra crunch) while we walk back to the park.


Noon: A bowl of leftover Minestrone soup


and some of these while the soup reheated.


2pm: An apple. Plus a handful of graham crackers that the boys were eating.

20150921_181358 20150921_191131

5pm: Seasoned turkey breast, stuffing, green beans and creamed spinach


7pm: About a cup+ of mixed walnuts, roasted & salted almonds, cashews and dark chocolate chips plus another apple


Some days I eat more, some days (like Saturday) are eaten completely out and include pizza, bagel sandwiches and delicious fried fish tacos with no vegetables in sight but overall I tend to eat when I’m hungry and attempt to include some nutritious things in each day for the babe’s sake.


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