Pregnancy #3: 22 Weeks


How Far Along?

22 weeks + 3 days

Weight Gain

No weigh-in (our scale died). I’m guessing around/a little above 10lbs


Thursday: 10min yoga (Really sore from hiking + swimming)
Friday: 3mi run w/ Andrew + 2mi walk
Saturday: Short walk around Great Falls
Sunday: Rest
Monday: 2mi run w/ Andrew (short on time due to a sono in the AM)
Tuesday: Rest (went to a fall festival with the boys and planned to do a workout at home when we returned but Andrew almost drowned and well, my mind was elsewhere)
Wednesday: 20min ST+20min cardio+20min prenatal yoga (Rain + 100% humidity = no run)


Dare I say anything to jinx it? But I’ve gotten some pretty decent sleep lately and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve also tweaked my diet a little (starting today) and actually felt half alive all day. Wahoo!


My biggest craving is Italian Cream cupcakes from my favorite bakery. I just woke up from naptime drooling on my pillow, dreaming about them. Caramel apples still! And chocolate. I’d love copious amounts of both.


The aftertaste of garlic and onions.


Multiple times a day and often you can see it from the outside. SO FUN!


  • Slow digestion & indigestion. Everything’s slowed down, which is the usual for me and pregnancy. It’s one of the not so fun parts of the process but I’ve been trying to stay active, hydrated and keep my fiber up to help things. And the indigestion sucks. A lot of times after meals, especially dinner, I’ll kind of burp/puke for awhile if that makes sense. Yummy huh?
  • Exhaustion. But I’m trying to change my diet around to add more iron in hopes that it’ll help things. I was anemic with Jax but not with Andrew (cause I craved steak and burgers like crazy) so I’m increasing my intake of spinach, oatmeal and tonight we’re having pot roast! Hopefully it helps.
  • I had a few Braxton Hicks contractions yesterday that left me thinking “uh oh, not again!” But they went away. I think it was just extreme stress that caused it.
  • Really tight hips. Finally got back on my yoga mat this morning and feel infinitely better.

Sono Facts:

We had a sono Monday and Kyle is measuring a week ahead (due date from sono is Jan 25th). He’s weighing in at a whopping 1lb 4oz and has a big ol’ belly in the 80th percentile. Apparently this could be a sign that I have gestational diabetes (I have my test Friday with my OB) but seeing as his head is also measuring 80%+ I’m not too concerned. Though apparently it might explain some of my exhaustion <—I think I might be anemic again too. I was with Jax but not Drew. We shall see! And he’s still breech. Stinker.



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