Pregnancy #3: 26 Weeks


How Far Along?

26 weeks + 3 days

Weight Gain

12.8lbs (I lost weight this week?)


Thursday: 2mi walk + 20min yoga
Friday: 1.5mi walk + squat/arm circuit
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest
Monday: 3mi walk w/ Andrew
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 20min prenatal ST + 20min yoga

I think the weight of Kyle bouncing when I run, especially, is causing that lower abdomen soreness again. It came back after last week’s run. I’m not sure if I’ll be running anymore this pregnancy, at least with the BOB. We’ll see! For now, walking feels really good and I’m pretty active daily just keeping the boys entertained. Honestly, these months are flying by so fast and before I know it they’ll be a third little boy to love on, vying for my attention and demanding I grow extra arms that I’m soaking up these last few months of doing as much as I can to pack in as much fun with my oldest two. And there’s so much to do this time of year! We’re also trying to soak up as much outdoor fun as we can before the winter really sets in.


Every night is different. Some nights I’m sleeping like a metaphorical baby and feel well rested in the morning and some days I feel like I tossed, turned and rolled off the bed to pee 6383 times in the night. I’m taking sleep where I can get it and grateful for whatever I can get, while I can.


Sweets!!! Maybe from Halloween week holiday season almost upon us, colder weather or just the fact I was born with an entire mouth of sweet teeth, I cannot get enough! I made some Halloween popcorn mix this week and devoured the entire huge bowl by myself in a single day. I’m seriously craving cupcakes and donuts and ever grateful that Jackson’s best friends birthday party is on Halloween day and his amazing mama is getting all.the.goodies from our favorite cupcake bakery. I may have “lost” weight this week, but I’ll defintiely be making up for it this weekend 😉 Chocolate is still my #1 weakness, in any and every form.


The aftertaste of garlic and onions.


oh yeah. Last night Jackson put his hand on my belly and sweetly asked “is the belly kicking?” Sadly Kyle was sleeping but it’s moments like these that make me so grateful for these 3 little boys of mine and this crazy bond they share.


  • I’m officially at the point in this pregnancy where I can no long bend over. On the bright side, I’m getting in a lot of deep squats simply from having to squat to pick anything off the ground. On the down side, even tying the boys’ shoes or picking them up causes me to lose the ability to breathe for several moments. Unloading the bottom drawer of the dishwasher is also becoming exceedingly difficult if not impossible. I guess I might have to pass that chore onto someone else soon 😉
  • Braxton hicks/cramping. It’s started! And I’m actually really excited about it. It’s totally different than the irritated uterus/preterm labor cramps i experienced with Andrew so I’m not at all worried that we’re following that path again. Instead it’s like a mild, short version of actual contractions that remind me that were 4 days away from the third trimester, we’ll be doing the real labor/delivery thing before we know it, my body still remembers what to do, hooray! And gives me hope that it’ll help Kyle flip. He’s still hangin out breech and tap dancing my bladder every chance he gets.
  • I have to pee allllll the time. Yup. Still.
  • This week the lower abdomen soreness returned for a few days and I was met with some achiness in my hips. Everything growing and stretching. It’s hard to believe well be in the third trimester on Sunday!
  • Excitement! I’m getting so excited to meet this little boy of ours and see what he looks like (after all we have a blue eyed blond haired babe and a brown haired hazel eyed babe), what his personality is like and just cuddle his sweet self. But at the same time I’m really trying to soak up these last few weeks with my oldest two before their world is rocked. I’m trying to especially pack in all the fun things we won’t be able to do for awhile right after Kyle’s born.

Maternity Pictures

This past weekend we attempted to take some maternity photos. Unfortunately, it was 46 degrees outside, we have two insane toddlers and we brought a 4 foot ladder that the boys thought was the coolest thing to climb on (despite it being propped on uneven ground in the middle of the woods). Add that to the fact that my camera is acting wonky ever since it took a swim in the duck pond when I went in to save Andrew last month, and unfortunately, most of the pictures came out crazy blurry. I’m really disappointed as they could have been some really great pictures. But even still, they captured some amazing memories and this awesome, hectic, beautiful stage of life we’re in.


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Best of the Best 5K

I mentioned a few weeks back that on a whim I signed up for a local 5K. I’d run the race last year, my first and only 5K to date, and loved the cause the race raised money for, the proximity to our house and the great, local crowd support. The course is gorgeous, despite being a loop, and when my good mama friend excitedly wanted to sign up, we agreed we’d run together. She’s just getting back into running after becoming a mom and at 24 weeks pregnant, I wasn’t looking to set any records. Our goal was to enjoy ourselves and agreed to tell one another if we needed to slow down, or stop, for whatever reason.

The day after I registered, the weather forecast started calling for 60% chance of rain. Last year, it was 50 degrees and showering the entire race and I desperately didn’t want to run in the cold rain again. I also started having some weird lower abdomen pain after a 3 mile run with Andrew the week before the race and was nervous as to whether the pain would go away by race day and if it did, if running was a good idea at all. My friend, Kathleen, and I talked about everything and we agreed if I wasn’t up to it, we could always walk the entire thing, or worst case, not run at all.

Come race morning I was feeling 100%. Though it was overcast and chilly, there wasn’t a single rain drop in the forecast. I woke up at 4am with Jackson, made some oatmeal and coffee, and sat on the couch relaxing and watching Netflix with Jax. Around 7:30, I handed off parenting duties to Bry and drove down the street to pick up my packet and meet Kathleen. It was much more relaxing running a race for fun vs. time. I didn’t worry about what I ate, being too late, etc. I peed probably 15 times between driving to the race site and the race beginning, which made me really nervous. Around 8, I found Kathleen and we stood around and talked. Close to the race start at 8:30, both our husbands and our kids showed up. They played at a nearby playground and we eventually lined up at the starting line.

After a beautiful rendition of The Star Spangled Banner and a few course rules, the countdown was on and the gun went off. We were at the back of the pack, but with no time goals, just running for fun, we just went with the crowd. Soon after passing the start line, we were able to pick up some momentum and started passing a few people. We managed to keep a decent clip and fell in step with one another.


One of my favorite things about Kathleen is how we always have things to talk about. For the entire race it was like a play date for us, as we caught up on everything going on in our lives (despite the fact we see each other at least one a week). The first mile flew by with conversation and then as we headed back around the loop and passed the finish line to crest the long mile+ hill, we started feeling it. Right at this time we ran past the boys. Jackson and Kathleen’s son, Sam, ran into the course to give us hugs. And then they proceeded to chase us for a good 100 meters before the dads could catch up to them and take them back to the sidelines. I’d never actually gotten to interact with my kids during a race. They’ve only spectated the larger races I’ve run, where there were far too many people to really even see one another, so it was especially special to get mid-race hugs.

Kathleen and I kept a good pace and I kept reminding her that if she needed to slow down, to let me know and I’d do the same. Around the 2 mile mark we slowed our pace a bit but kept chugging along. We rounded the last turn at the top of the hill and happily greeted the 3/4mi downhill finish. The last 3/4mi felt like a breeze. It was all downhill, we were no longer facing a headwind, and it was warming up a bit outside. As we reached the last stretch of the run, we saw our boys by the sidelines again. The dads were smartly holding them back this time, but as we began to pass them I told Jackson to come to me. Sam did the same to Kathleen and we finished the last few feet, and our 5K, hand in hand with our sons.

This was far from my fastest race or my longest race. But it’s the race I’m going to remember most for the rest of my life. It’s the race I completed with one of my good friends, that I ran while 24 weeks pregnant with my tiniest little boy and that I finished, with the biggest smile on my face and the cutest 3 year old in the world by my side.

Jackson still talks about running the race and how he wants to run a race with mommy again. He had so much fun and I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to finish a race with my oldest son. It will forever be one of the greatest moments of my life as a mommy.


And if you’re curious, our official time was 31:27 for 3.16 miles (9:57/mile).

Pregnancy #3: Week 25


How Far Along?

25 weeks + 3 days

Weight Gain

14.4lbs (we ate REALLY well in Charlotte last well. Mmm Nutella turnovers, drool)


Thursday: Hiked around the U.S. National Whitewater Center
Friday: Hiked Lake Norman State Park
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest (rode in a car for 738348 hours)
Monday: Rest (OB appt)
Tuesday: Rest (felt really sick)
Wednesday: 3mi run + 2mi walk w/ Drew


This week sleep is sparse. I totally shot myself  in the foot and volunteered to do the bookkeeping for Jackson’s preschool’s biannual consignment sale, not really realizing the hours involved and factoring in that the sale started the day after we got home from Charlotte. Well, I wasn’t able to start doing my job until 10pm last night when the first sale ended and was up past 12:30am calculating everything and entering it in the spreadsheet. Then Jax was up at 4:45am, so I’m running on fumes. It’s like a preview of January and I’m terrified.


Ice cream is my biggest right now. I want a huge cone of the delicious cold stuff. And anything chocolatey, sugary and generally not particularly great for you. YUM!


The aftertaste of garlic and onions.


Oh yeah. He’s a wiggler and I love it. Except when he tapdances on my bladder all night. Then I kind of wish he’d curl up and sleep for a bit.


  • Dry face. I have no idea if it’s really pregnancy related or the weather but my face has been incredibly dry this week.
  • I feel big. Really big. It’s getting exceedingly difficult to bend over and by the end of the night it’s often hard to breathe very well because Kyle + food brings the belly up to my bra line. Whew. It’s only going to get harder from here!
  • I have to pee allllll the time. Even when I haven’t drank much. I’m convinced Kyle’s feet on my bladder aren’t doing me any favors in this department.

Pregnancy #3: 24 Weeks


How Far Along?

24 weeks + 3 days. Officially past the point of viability and 6 months preggo. Feels good. (Posting at 25w2d, forgot to hit publish last week!)

Weight Gain



Thursday: Rest
Friday: 3mi walk w/ Andrew
Saturday: 5K race! We finished in 31:10 + walking all around the pumpkin patch
Sunday: Short hike
Monday: 3mi run w/ Andrew + 2mi walk
Tuesday: Zoo
Wednesday: 3mi solo run! My mom had the day off and was generous enough to play at the park w/ Drew-bug while I ran.


Of course I jinxed myself last week, publically declaring how well sleep was going. Lately, I feel like I’m up every 10 minutes to pee. Kyle is still very breech and tends to play “kick mommy’s bladder” all night long, which in turn makes mommy feel like she’s about to wet the bed all night long. It sucks.


Chocolate. All the chocolate things. I really want some caramel apples too. And I’d happily inhale a toasted sandwich right now. Reuben? Turkey and cheese? mmmm


The aftertaste of garlic and onions.


Yup. All the time. Usually into my bladder.


  • Nausea. It’s definitely been the worst this pregnancy and despite still taking Diclegis daily, I feel nauseous a lot.
  • Lower, front abdomen soreness. It was horrible last week but this week it’s off and on soreness around the front and sometimes sides. Unlike last week where I think I overdid it on the exercise front/pulled something, now I think it’s more of baby shifting positions.
  • Itchy belly. Especially at night and especially around my belly button (which is currently half disappeared)

Exploring Charlotte

Wednesday afternoon we hit the road for Charlotte, NC. I’ve lived in NC before but on the coast. I’d never visited Charlotte in my almost 2 years living there but absolutely love the state. NC is this wonderful mix of southern mentality (people hold the doors open for you and say “Thank You”) and 4 seasons. This trip was mostly to explore the area to see if it might be where we want to live in the not so distant future. Bry ended up getting off work early which timed perfectly with preschool pickup. We all arrived home at the same time, threw the last pieces of luggage in the truck and were on the road! It was timed great with the boys naptime and we had high hopes that they’d snooze the first few hours of the “7 hour” trip, but no such luck. They maybe got 30 minutes and were wide awake the rest of the time.

We cruised along and avoided traffic, taking several pit stops for a toddler and pregnant mama to potty and grabbed dinner at a Cracker Barrel along the way. Around bedtime, about 2 hours from our hotel, the boys finally crashed. We made it to check-in around 9:30, set up the pack n plays and all promptly passed out. Jax must have been excited to start exploring because he was up in the 4 o’clock hour despite missing his nap and having a shortened night of sleep. We made our way downstairs for the complimentary buffet breakfast at the hotel when they opened at 6 and then set out to explore.

Day 1 we decided to check out the U.S. National Whitewater Center. We heard great things about it and wanted to see what it was all about. We planned to explore some of the trails on the property. We were lucky to be able to enter the area and park despite the center itself not opening for several hours. We walked around the giant rafting pond which was really cool to see turned off, completely silent and the area totally desolate except for us. There weren’t a ton of signs for the trails so we just sort of kept walking around trying to find something that looked like what we wanted. We ended up stumbling upon the “Challenge Course” which was a series of obstacles tucked  into the woods. The boys had a blast challenging themselves for awhile.

IMG_20151015_075735 IMG_20151015_080255After awhile we kept going and ran into one of the trails.

IMG_20151015_091532It was really serene and featured some beautiful views.

20151015_082551 IMG_20151015_092801 IMG_20151015_092847We stumbled upon a footbridge that crossed the water and decided to see what was on the other side. The answer: absolute beauty.

IMG_20151015_092929 IMG_20151015_093113That’s the Catawba River and it was massive! I’ve always been drawn to the water and the sense of peace that comes along with being near it.

20151015_082732 20151015_090424We finished our hike back towards the rafting pond and let the boys out of the hiking packs to run off some energy.

20151015_081441 20151015_085113 IMG_20151015_093202Eventually we made it back to the car and set out to find some coffee and treats. A quick google search led us to CupCrazed Cakery in Fort Mill, SC which was one of the areas we wanted to explore. Apparently the cakery won Cupcake Wars so we definitely had to try it out. I went with a red velvet cupcake that was hands down the best cupcake I’ve ever had. Jax was a fan of licking all the buttercream off his cupcake…and scooping it off with a straw.

20151015_104914We found a nearby park and the boys ran around for awhile before we picked up some sandwiches from McAlister’s Deli and headed back to the hotel for naptime.

After naps we went down to the hotel pool and let the boys go crazy. They both love to swim and despite the water being fairly cold (even for an indoor pool), they splashed, jumped and kicked around for a solid hour before we had to drag them out to shower and find dinner.

IMG_20151015_170544We got burgers to go from Bad Daddy Burger Bar and ate back in our room. Restaurants + 2 toddlers = recipe for disaster. The burgers were good but the French fries were incredible! We spent the rest of the night running around the hotel room and eventually headed to bed.

Day 2, after another hotel buffet breakfast, we headed out to Lake Norman State Park. We found the Lake Shore Trail that offered an easy/moderate 3mi hike that ran along the lake.

IMG_20151015_093415 IMG_20151016_094627We stopped quite a bit to take in the gorgeous surroundings.


20151016_084044 IMG_20151016_094724 IMG_20151016_094841We found this sandy cove and the boys had a blast throwing rocks into the water and building “the biggest sand castle you’ve ever seen!”

IMG_20151016_095530 20151016_085539 20151016_090011

I was texting with Brittany from A Healthy Slice of Life and she recommended checking out downtown Davidson so we packed the boys back up and headed back to the car. We thought we’d explored the entire 3mi loop but ended up barely making it 3/4mi with all the stops we’d made. Oops! We definitely hope to go back soon to actually see the lake (this is just ONE of the coves!)

Per Brittany’s recommendation we grabbed coffee and treats from Summit Coffee in downtown Davidson. The nutella turnover was out of this world. So good in fact that we ended up going every day of our trip after discovering them.

IMG_20151017_084541With coffee and treats in hand, we walked around the Davidson College Campus for a bit then headed to a tot lot for the boys to play. Despite the playground being about 2ft x 2ft, it had a slide and a fire pole, basically all our 2 boys needed. They spent an hour sliding down the fire pole and slide, running around and letting loose. Brittany suggested grabbing lunch from The Pickled Peach which was right next to the tot lot, so when lunchtime came around we walked over there to grab some sandwiches to eat on the way back to the hotel for naptime. Bry ended up ordering this really unique and delicious slow braised beef sandwich with pickled radishes and I had to go with the sandwich featuring the pickled  peach, since it was the name of the restaurant.


It had ham, pickled peach and brie and was grilled between challah bread. It was really different and incredibly yummy! We all crashed during naptime. Once refreshed we headed to the Dilworth area of downtown Charlotte to explore Freedom Park. We walked near the duck pond for a bit before heading over to the large playground to let the boys play. They have this old locomotive for the kids to play on as well and Andrew spent a solid 15 minutes just sitting on the seat of the train.

IMG_20151016_175114We played and explored until dinnertime, then ordered Cowfish and picked it up to eat back at the hotel. I can’t give a good review of the food since they didn’t have many non-raw items that I could eat. But the boys devoured their PB&J sushi which definitely says something of my two picky toddlers. Bry thought his food was delicious as well. Once the boys went down to bed we had some chocolate truffles from The Pickled Peach we’d picked up earlier and then fell asleep ourselves.

Day 3 started off much colder. Jax woke up with a cough so we decided to head to the Discovery Place Kids museum in Huntersville. Because it was only 8 miles from Davidson, we had to stop back at Summit Coffee for more refreshments. The museum was perfect for our kids ages. It’s on the smaller side but still offered plenty to keep them entertained for 2+ hours.

20151017_102301 20151017_103037 IMG_20151017_094222 IMG_20151017_095054 IMG_20151017_103204 IMG_20151017_121359Once Andrew started to get fussy, we went  out in search of lunch. We picked up sandwiches at a nearby deli and tried to get back to the hotel before naptime. Unfortunately, both boys crashed 4 minutes from pulling into the hotel  parking lot and Jax declared naptime over. Andrew, however, slept for a solid 3 hours! After Andrew woke up we went back to Freedom Park and walked around the duck pond then crossed over the bridge to Little Sugar Creek Greenway which reminded us a lot of one of our favorite trails by our house. We really liked the Dilworth area, however the cost of living is totally unattainable for us (there are a ton of recently built mansions that have completely driven up the prices of the neighborhoods–some of the houses go for well over $1M).

We picked up dinner from an Italian restaurant called Luciano’s and ate back at the hotel. I’m fairly positive the boys’ favorite part of our hotel was the elevator.


The kids were in a really funny mood and spent dinner running around the suite, eating pizza. Andrew double fisted his and spent 10 minutes laughing and watching himself dance and eat in the mirror. Jackson kept grabbing the pizza box, taking it by the door, then coming back and announcing “the pizza box man is here!”. They ended up devouring their entire 10″ pizza. Bry and I shared chicken parmesan, a scallop and artichoke appetizer, each got salads and had a slice of chocolate pudding pie and cheesecake for dessert once the boys went down. The desserts were really good but the best part of the dinner was my balsamic salad dressing. That sounds incredibly strange but I made Bry try it too and he agreed it was ridiculously good.

Day 4 was our last day. We had our last hotel breakfast and then packed up the car to head  home.

IMG_20151018_090154We stopped by Amelie’s in downtown Charlotte for coffee and treats as it’s rated one of the best places in the area. I’ll be honest, it has nothing on Summit Coffee.


After feeling less than satisfied with Amelie’s subpar sweets, we drove back out to Davidson, which is our favorite place in the area so far and definitely somewhere we could see ourselves living. We grabbed yet more nutella turnovers from Summit coffee and then headed nearby to a neighborhood that we could potentially move to. We drove around, stopped at another  playground to let the boys play and then hit the road back home. The trip home was interminably long. It felt never-ending and we didn’t end up crawling through our front door til 7:30.

It was a wonderful weekend that flew by far too fast, and before we know it, it’s Monday morning again and back to the grind.

Life Lately

We’ve been soaking up the Fall beauty lately: the perfect temperatures, the gorgeous trees, and spending every waking moment outside.

Tuesdays have become our unofficial zoo days. Both boys, especially Andrew, love animals and mama loves that it’s a wide open space for the boys to get out all their energy.

20151006_11562320151006_122753We usually end up going with friends, and these 3 have been inseparable.20151013_115654

After our 5K Saturday morning, we headed to our favorite pumpkin patch. The boys found their perfect pumpkins in the first 2 minutes and spent the rest of the time tackling each other in love.

20151010_112840After naps we got to work carving our pumpkins.


Despite what it looks like, Andrew spent the entire time eating his. His pumpkin is now sporting a giant bite mark in it’s top, which is perfectly fitting for my constantly eating little tub-a-love.

20151010_174359Every afternoon as soon as the boys wake up from naptime, we head out to the park and can be found there ’til dinner time. This weather is insane.

20151006_16142220151006_161147I’ve found myself loving every day more and more and wish that Fall would never end. It’s by far my favorite season.