Pregnancy #3: 23 Weeks


How Far Along?

23 weeks + 3 days

Weight Gain



Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest (I had my gestational diabetes test all morning & spent the rest of the day feeling like puking)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest
Monday: 3mi run w/ Andrew + 2mi walk
Tuesday: Zoo + walk to/from park
Wednesday: 20min prenatal yoga + deep cleaned house

*After Monday’s run I started to have some really intense soreness in my lower abdomen, directly in the front. Kyle’s kicking and wiggling like usual but the soreness is particularly bad when I walk or move so I’m going to try to take it easy for the next couple of days in hopes that it gets better. I think Monday just overdid it though the run felt great and nothing hurt during it. Things are growing! I think I’m going to start wearing my support belt during runs and walks too. Hopefully that helps.

Also, I ended up signing up for the 5K Saturday (obviously before the pain started). But I’m doing it with one of my close mama friends so no matter what we’ll just have a good time together while the husbands hang out with the boys together. Worst case, I walk the 5K (or if the pain is really bad, just don’t do it)). The race is for a great cause so I don’t feel bad about my registration fee becoming a donation if it has to.*


I’ve been feeling so much better lately. I’ve been sleeping well *knock on wood* & not waking up feeling exhausted all day long, which is a huge improvement. I’m not sure if it’s from a change in breakfast food, reading vs. TV before bed or what but I like it.


Apple fritters. I don’t know why but for the past few days all I can think about is apple fritters. Mmmm. And yesterday I randomly craved BBQ chips.


The aftertaste of garlic and onions.


Every morning, noon and night. Almost like clockwork. I think it’s really around the times of the day I’m able to sit or lay down that I feel him the most. The other night he was soooo low and Bry made a comment about if I was going to go to sleep, after my 6th time getting up to pee in 20 minutes. I said, “yeah, but this kid is using my bladder as a punching bag” and he felt how low he was and how HARD he was kicking and moving and just said “wow, he’s big and strong!”.


  • Slow digestion & indigestion. Yup. Still. But not as badly as last week as I’m eating more frequent, smaller meals.
  • Lower, front abdomen soreness. This is my biggest complaint this week and it scared me yesterday when it got really bad towards the end of our zoo adventures (walking uphill for 3 hours pushing a stroller probably didn’t help). But since Kyle’s moving and grooving I’m not too concerned. And I also called my OB (just because this is the point in my pregnant with Andrew that things started to get a little crazy) and the nurse said it’s probably just from Kyle pushing and the uterus expanding. FUN!
  • Really tight hips. I really need to make a point of doing yoga AT LEAST twice a week. If not more.

In other news I passed my gestational diabetes test! Wahoo. But my hemoglobin a1c was a tad low? No idea what it means but I’ll find out when I talk to my ob at my next appointment.

Looking Forward To

  • Hitting the 24 week mark on Sunday as it’s the point of viability! Something about the sound of it is just extra reassuring. Not that I want him to come anytime soon. At least not until 2016, please 🙂
  • CHARLOTTE! We’re heading on our fall family vacation next week and I couldn’t be more excited for a few days away with my 3.5 favorite guys.
  • Going to the pumpkin patch this weekend. So long as the weather holds up we plan on visiting the farm after the 5K Saturday. I’m excited for the kids to get pumpkins, play around, APPLE CIDER DONUTS (let’s be honest, I’m most excited for those) and then pumpkin carving.

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