Life Lately

We’ve been soaking up the Fall beauty lately: the perfect temperatures, the gorgeous trees, and spending every waking moment outside.

Tuesdays have become our unofficial zoo days. Both boys, especially Andrew, love animals and mama loves that it’s a wide open space for the boys to get out all their energy.

20151006_11562320151006_122753We usually end up going with friends, and these 3 have been inseparable.20151013_115654

After our 5K Saturday morning, we headed to our favorite pumpkin patch. The boys found their perfect pumpkins in the first 2 minutes and spent the rest of the time tackling each other in love.

20151010_112840After naps we got to work carving our pumpkins.


Despite what it looks like, Andrew spent the entire time eating his. His pumpkin is now sporting a giant bite mark in it’s top, which is perfectly fitting for my constantly eating little tub-a-love.

20151010_174359Every afternoon as soon as the boys wake up from naptime, we head out to the park and can be found there ’til dinner time. This weather is insane.

20151006_16142220151006_161147I’ve found myself loving every day more and more and wish that Fall would never end. It’s by far my favorite season.


One thought on “Life Lately

  1. We are loving to cooler afternoons too! It’s beautiful over here in China during fall.
    I love getting your blog updates. You’re like a friend I’ve never met! LOL!

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