Pregnancy #3: 24 Weeks


How Far Along?

24 weeks + 3 days. Officially past the point of viability and 6 months preggo. Feels good. (Posting at 25w2d, forgot to hit publish last week!)

Weight Gain



Thursday: Rest
Friday: 3mi walk w/ Andrew
Saturday: 5K race! We finished in 31:10 + walking all around the pumpkin patch
Sunday: Short hike
Monday: 3mi run w/ Andrew + 2mi walk
Tuesday: Zoo
Wednesday: 3mi solo run! My mom had the day off and was generous enough to play at the park w/ Drew-bug while I ran.


Of course I jinxed myself last week, publically declaring how well sleep was going. Lately, I feel like I’m up every 10 minutes to pee. Kyle is still very breech and tends to play “kick mommy’s bladder” all night long, which in turn makes mommy feel like she’s about to wet the bed all night long. It sucks.


Chocolate. All the chocolate things. I really want some caramel apples too. And I’d happily inhale a toasted sandwich right now. Reuben? Turkey and cheese? mmmm


The aftertaste of garlic and onions.


Yup. All the time. Usually into my bladder.


  • Nausea. It’s definitely been the worst this pregnancy and despite still taking Diclegis daily, I feel nauseous a lot.
  • Lower, front abdomen soreness. It was horrible last week but this week it’s off and on soreness around the front and sometimes sides. Unlike last week where I think I overdid it on the exercise front/pulled something, now I think it’s more of baby shifting positions.
  • Itchy belly. Especially at night and especially around my belly button (which is currently half disappeared)

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