Maternity Pictures

This past weekend we attempted to take some maternity photos. Unfortunately, it was 46 degrees outside, we have two insane toddlers and we brought a 4 foot ladder that the boys thought was the coolest thing to climb on (despite it being propped on uneven ground in the middle of the woods). Add that to the fact that my camera is acting wonky ever since it took a swim in the duck pond when I went in to save Andrew last month, and unfortunately, most of the pictures came out crazy blurry. I’m really disappointed as they could have been some really great pictures. But even still, they captured some amazing memories and this awesome, hectic, beautiful stage of life we’re in.


0fffb8ecff3943218381b4ca8101ac86 1bf42ed8058a4c98b209eca16985137f 4a41841c588b44f092672d75a21f9dae 05f941d8aef144fd974c015635d01afc 20fdac4cbe3547f3b7392542af668021 343e748a925a498b930d4b2bc81b6bde 358f8c434e0b44e0a1b74e53a941e5e9 7198856314bd4d9d987fa4b64c434838 ce4bf0a161f64079805052ccbc69d18a


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