Pregnancy #3: 26 Weeks


How Far Along?

26 weeks + 3 days

Weight Gain

12.8lbs (I lost weight this week?)


Thursday: 2mi walk + 20min yoga
Friday: 1.5mi walk + squat/arm circuit
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest
Monday: 3mi walk w/ Andrew
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 20min prenatal ST + 20min yoga

I think the weight of Kyle bouncing when I run, especially, is causing that lower abdomen soreness again. It came back after last week’s run. I’m not sure if I’ll be running anymore this pregnancy, at least with the BOB. We’ll see! For now, walking feels really good and I’m pretty active daily just keeping the boys entertained. Honestly, these months are flying by so fast and before I know it they’ll be a third little boy to love on, vying for my attention and demanding I grow extra arms that I’m soaking up these last few months of doing as much as I can to pack in as much fun with my oldest two. And there’s so much to do this time of year! We’re also trying to soak up as much outdoor fun as we can before the winter really sets in.


Every night is different. Some nights I’m sleeping like a metaphorical baby and feel well rested in the morning and some days I feel like I tossed, turned and rolled off the bed to pee 6383 times in the night. I’m taking sleep where I can get it and grateful for whatever I can get, while I can.


Sweets!!! Maybe from Halloween week holiday season almost upon us, colder weather or just the fact I was born with an entire mouth of sweet teeth, I cannot get enough! I made some Halloween popcorn mix this week and devoured the entire huge bowl by myself in a single day. I’m seriously craving cupcakes and donuts and ever grateful that Jackson’s best friends birthday party is on Halloween day and his amazing mama is getting all.the.goodies from our favorite cupcake bakery. I may have “lost” weight this week, but I’ll defintiely be making up for it this weekend 😉 Chocolate is still my #1 weakness, in any and every form.


The aftertaste of garlic and onions.


oh yeah. Last night Jackson put his hand on my belly and sweetly asked “is the belly kicking?” Sadly Kyle was sleeping but it’s moments like these that make me so grateful for these 3 little boys of mine and this crazy bond they share.


  • I’m officially at the point in this pregnancy where I can no long bend over. On the bright side, I’m getting in a lot of deep squats simply from having to squat to pick anything off the ground. On the down side, even tying the boys’ shoes or picking them up causes me to lose the ability to breathe for several moments. Unloading the bottom drawer of the dishwasher is also becoming exceedingly difficult if not impossible. I guess I might have to pass that chore onto someone else soon 😉
  • Braxton hicks/cramping. It’s started! And I’m actually really excited about it. It’s totally different than the irritated uterus/preterm labor cramps i experienced with Andrew so I’m not at all worried that we’re following that path again. Instead it’s like a mild, short version of actual contractions that remind me that were 4 days away from the third trimester, we’ll be doing the real labor/delivery thing before we know it, my body still remembers what to do, hooray! And gives me hope that it’ll help Kyle flip. He’s still hangin out breech and tap dancing my bladder every chance he gets.
  • I have to pee allllll the time. Yup. Still.
  • This week the lower abdomen soreness returned for a few days and I was met with some achiness in my hips. Everything growing and stretching. It’s hard to believe well be in the third trimester on Sunday!
  • Excitement! I’m getting so excited to meet this little boy of ours and see what he looks like (after all we have a blue eyed blond haired babe and a brown haired hazel eyed babe), what his personality is like and just cuddle his sweet self. But at the same time I’m really trying to soak up these last few weeks with my oldest two before their world is rocked. I’m trying to especially pack in all the fun things we won’t be able to do for awhile right after Kyle’s born.

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