Halloween 2015

This weekend felt jam packed and flew by, like most weekends do these days. As I think most parents feel, daylight savings is my arch nemesis and with it falling the day after Halloween, here I sit Tuesday morning wondering what sleep is (and again, feeling awfully nervous for January when nights like these are a luxury).

Saturday morning started off with bagel sandwiches at a new to us place in DC. The reviews on yelp gave it outstanding ratings for apple fritters, which I’ve been craving like crazy the past few days, but lousy service. We experienced both. The service was extremely rude. Despite being 7 months pregnant and having a 3 year old, they wouldn’t allow us to use the bathroom and had us walk a few blocks to a Starbucks instead. It wasn’t a terrible walk, despite being 34 degrees and in the middle of NW DC, but the principle of it was ridiculous. Luckily the lattes we got at Starbucks were delicious and well worth the extra trip. We ate by the water at Rock Creek Park before heading home to grab some warmer clothes and head to the nearby trail by our house.

park 10-31-15

We let the boys out to run off some energy and ended up at one of the parks that runs along the trail. This particular park has three different playgrounds and the boys had a blast. We only stayed about 45 minutes because it was so cold and most of the equipment was wet with dew. 15 minutes of that time was spent sitting and watching a tractor dig up dirt. Boys.

We then headed back home where the boys played in our sunny yard for awhile, raking, jumping in and collecting all the leaves that have fallen off the large tree in our front yard. At 11 we finally coerced them inside, tried to feed them some snacks and put them down for a ridiculously early nap since we had a birthday party to attend during their normal naptime.

They spent the next hour laughing and playing from their separate beds, generally avoiding sleep. After diaper changes (their smart way of really avoiding sleep), they finally crashed around 1. And thirty minutes later, Jackson was wide awake again.

The party started at two at a nearby Nature Center, so we dressed the kids in their costumes and headed over. The party was beautifully decorated and I wish I’d taken pictures. The birthday boy’s mama is a fantastic party planner and had thought of everything. The boys enjoyed hearing from a naturalist and “meeting” some various animals. Jackson’s favorite part was when she opened a pillow case inside of a 5 gallon bucket and proceeded to pull out a SNAKE! They also went on a short nature walk to the pond to feed fish, danced and played with a musician and ate some delicious food (though they chose to eat only the fruit on their plates). Before we knew it, two hours had flown by and it was time for cupcakes. Both boys devoured theirs and then Jackson, in his over tired and over sugared state, started shoveling cookies into his mouth from the dessert table before I could finally pull him away and direct him to the door. We said our goodbyes and headed home just in time to head over to a neighbor’s house for pizza before trick or treating.

IMG_8927 IMG_8930

Again, Jackson and Andrew were in rare form between too little sleep and too much sugar. Within the first 10 minutes Jackson managed to grab a crayon and write on our neighbor’s wall! They were like caged animals, totally insane and out of control. After quickly shoveling in a slice of pizza each, we managed to get them outside where they could be crazy with little risk of property damage. When the sun started to set, the rest of the kids joined us outside for some trick or treating.

I knew Jackson would really enjoy trick or treating this year. He’s gotten down the “trick or treat” and “thank you” parts and really enjoys the act of knocking on people’s doors. I wasn’t sure what Andrew would do but he was obsessed with it! He took a full 5 minutes to crawl/walk up each person’s house and would innocently stare up at them (or attempt to walk into their house if their was a dog present), with his little Halloween bucket outreached. I’d ask “what do you say?” and he’d reply “thank ew” with a toothy little grin. Sometimes he wouldn’t say anything when they’d give him candy so I’d prompt him and he’d reply “thank ew!” which is the sweetest thing ever. Until we got to one house where the neighbor asked if he was a dinosaur. I asked “Andrew, what do you say” as the man put chocolate into his bucket. “RAWRRR!” replied Andrew. Hahaha. At the very last house I asked him what to say and when the lady handed him his candy, he got these huge eyes and said “WOAH!” Everyone started laughing.

Jackson was extremely efficient and was houses ahead of the rest of the group. He was a boy on a mission. We eventually had to call it quits halfway around, as we’d collected at least 10lbs of candy and it was getting late. Jackson asked if tomorrow would be Halloween again. I think it was a success! We kept the boys up a bit longer to try to help adjust to the time change, but despite little naps and late bedtimes, Jax was up at the new 4 o’clock hour.

Sunday rained all day. We went grocery shopping, ate leftover pizza, brownies and cookies our neighbors generously brought over, and watched a movie. When the clouds parted after naptime we headed out for a short family hike.

family hike 11-1-15 pt 2 family hike 11-1-15 pt 4 family hike 11-1-15

And just like that, another weekend was over.


One thought on “Halloween 2015

  1. Ahhh – this post brought tears to my eyes. These pictures are absolutely beautiful! What an incredible family!!! So glad you enjoyed the party too 🙂

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