Pregnancy #3: 27 Weeks


How Far Along?

27 weeks + 3 days. Hey, hey third trimester!!

Weight Gain



Thursday: 20min yoga
Friday: 3.3mi hike w/ Andrew
Saturday: Rest (HALLOWEEN)
Sunday: 45min family hike
Monday: Rest (spent all day at the park)
Tuesday: Zoo + parks
Wednesday: 3mi walk w/ Andrew


Some nights take forever to fall asleep and I get up 14 times to pee before I can even fall asleep. Other nights, I’m out as soon as my head hits the pillow and only get up once or twice to pee. I have no idea what varies, as some nights when I drink more water, I’m up less. But sleep is sleep, and I’ll take it when I can! I’ve stopped napping most days too, just so I can be a bit more productive.


I’ve made a serious dent in all the boys’ Halloween candy. I can’t get my hands out of it! I really need to give it away but then the Snickers, Kit Kat bars and Reese’s call to me and I think “oh, tomorrow! today I’ll eat you and your 7 best friends”. I had a random craving for almond joys right before trick or treating and was so excited when neighbors gave the boys some! I devoured all the almond joy and mounds bars in the first night. Whoops. I also found caramel apples at the store finally and they’re just as good as I remember. And as always, a Reuben sounds delicious. I’ve also been obsessed with Panera lately. Their you-pick-two with the Chicken Avocado Cobb salad (no cheese) and the Turkey Cranberry Flatbread (<–my favorite thing on their menu) is dangerously delicious. I keep justifying my frequent visits with the fact that the flatbread is a seasonal item. I tried their squash soup yesterday too, and it’s also wildly delicious.


The aftertaste of garlic and onions. Also mushrooms no longer sound appealing and can only be consumed sparingly while on a deliciously cheesy pizza.


Sometimes when we’re out at the park or in public places, I wonder if anyone is watching the dance party going on in my belly. I love his little wiggles and rolls.


  • I get winded walking up three flights of stairs. I get there and my legs actually burn a bit and I think “Jesus, I’m out of shape!” Then I remind myself I’m walking around with a 15lb weight and feel a bit better.
  • Braxton hicks/cramping/lower back pain. A few times this weekend it got really bad. At one point Sunday night while eating dinner, I got up to grab something from the kitchen and had to stop and double over the pain was so intense. Thankfully it went away but whew! Clearly we’re in preparation mode over here.
  • I have to pee allllll the time. Yup. Still.
  • I’m itchy. I think I’m developed a new allergy to my deodorant? My under arms itch like crazy but my stomach itches a lot (around my belly button mostly) especially at night. As do my sides occasionally. Lathering on all the lotion.
  • I hit 27 weeks Sunday and also was hit with a bottomless pit of hunger. I eat 90% of a meal and feel totally stuffed, then 30 minutes later I’m hungry again. I’ve realized I’m at that point that I need snacks with me everywhere I go.
  • We were at Target last week and after walking around the store with the boys for 30 minutes, I started to feel really weak and kind of dizzy. I had to sit down and as soon as we got back to the car, I ate some nuts and a mandarin orange. It definitely took me by surprise as I’ve felt pretty normal lately.
  • As crazy and overwhelming as life with two can often feel, like when they simultaneously potty to avoid naptime and then fight over who gets to get on the changing table first or during dinner when the 3 year old is climbing on the table, running around, food dribbling out of his mouth everywhere he treks and the 1.5 year old is laughing and smiling maniacally while chucking his food at you and your plate (admittedly, with great aim and strength), I’m so excited for this new bundle of joy! Thinking about snuggling our newest little man gives me the warm and fuzzies but I’m trying to soak up the last few months of pregnancy because they are FLYING.
  • I’m also getting nervous about how to approach visitors this time around. It’ll be the dead of winter which equates to all.the.germs and being a newborn, he’s not going to have immunities to fend them off. I of course want people to visit and don’t even mind them holding him (for short periods) but kissing and face touching are totally off limits. How do you approach that topic with people?!

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