Pregnancy #3: 28 Weeks


How Far Along?

28 weeks + 4 days (I’m officially at the point where I totally forget what week I’m at)

Weight Gain



Thursday: 2mi walk + 20min yoga
Friday: Off
Saturday: 45min walk
Sunday: 20min yoga
Monday: Off
Tuesday: 20min yoga
Wednesday: Off


Up all the time to pee. But other than that I feel like I’m sleeping OK. This week I’ve gotten to the point where around 2/3am when I make a potty break it’s really difficult to fall back asleep. Middle of the night feeding prep? I remember reaching this point with Drew and being up at 3am reading with hot tea and a lit candle.


Chocolate is an always. And Reubens are right up there. At this current moment I’m seriously craving a giant reuben and some soft baked chocolate chip cookies (& my 3 year old to stop yelling “why” at me). Tuesday night I had the randomest craving for raisinettes?! And last night was spinach and artichoke dip with super salty tortilla chips. I haven’t satisfied any of them but plan to soon. Oh and diet coke. Insert an ashamed face here.


None really. Just the aftertaste of garlic and onions make my stomach churn still


Oh yes. Love his little wiggles and thumps. I’m going to miss them 😦


  • When I sit, my belly is so high up it feels like it’s cutting off my circulation and trying to strangle me. Not comfortable.
  • I can’t even pretend to bend over anymore. Shoelace tying is nearly impossible and I’m grateful for rainy/cold days when I declare the boys must wear rain or snow boots as they’re quicker to slip on them. As for picking things up off the floor? I leave it to the boys or I try to squat as best I can (though I often topple over backwards and have to catch myself with my hand before falling on my butt).
  • All my shirts are getting very close to becoming belly shirts. And they’re all maternity. So I’ve started stealing clothes from Bry, which are absurdly comfortable but also look like dresses on me because he’s so much taller than I am.
  • Pants don’t fit. At all. My maternity jeans are OK and I have 1 or 2 pairs of leggings that “work” but most are to the point of being thoroughly uncomfortable and not at all forgiving as they leave muffin top looking shapes all over. Even my favorite sweatpants are to the point of being uncomfortably tight so on to Bryan’s sweatpants it is. Sorry babe.
  • My hips ache like crazy and so does my lower back. I’ve had a ton of cramps since Tuesday. Before preschool yesterday I was having Braxton hicks for almost 3 hours. Baby’s prepping! Maybe we should take the hint and start prepping too 😉
  • I’ve started to feel really uneasy, sort of dizzy like if I stand too long or if I get too hot. I have to sit down, fan myself or lay down to feel relief.
  • I’m in this mix between feeling like we have so much time to go (most likely less than 11 weeks, if he’s anything like his brothers) and feeling like he’ll be here before we know it. I can’t wait and am so excited but am also trying desperately to jam pack these last few weeks with soaking up pregnancy and the huge belly + everything that comes along with it, getting ready for his arrival and most importantly, doing a ton of fun things with the boys. We have a lot planned: seeing Santa, going on a Polar Express train ride (the boys are going to go nuts!), taking Jackson on a solo mommy + daddy date to the ice skating rink, taking Andrew on a solo mommy + daddy date, seeing the National Christmas Tree downtown and visiting Santa’s workshop, etc. With anytime in January basically being a possible baby day, we’re trying to fit a ton of fun in November and December and take January day by day. We’re getting SO CLOSE!

Sono Facts

We had a sono Monday morning and it was so exciting to see how much Kyle’s grown in 6 fast weeks! Bry and I made bets going in as to how much he’d weigh (I won!). Here’s some random facts on baby boy #3, as of Monday’s sono (28w 1d)IMG_20151109_111350I can’t wait to kiss those sweet cheeks!

  • He’s weighing in at a whopping 3lb 5oz! About a lb over what the average babe at this week weighs. Overachiever.
  • His belly is still measuring large but the growth is totally normal. His head is also measuring big. Both are about 3w ahead of schedule at 31w+.
  • While his head and belly are measuring a full three weeks ahead, overall he’s measuring at 29w3d (1w 2d early). The doc thinks I’m just growing a big baby. Though he did say it wouldn’t hurt to slow my roll on the sugar intake (how’d he know?!)
  • Everything’s looking perfect and he’s still sporting 2 beautiful kidneys.
  • But the best part? HE’S HEAD DOWN!!!!! *do the happy dance* I was so surprised to hear this as I feel so much movement really low but the sonographer guessed it was just him head butting me. Or maybe it’s hiccups. I forget what they feel like since Andrew never really had them. But I am beyond relieved to know he’s in position. WHEW!

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