Pregnancy #3: 29 Weeks

 29w1d edit

How Far Along?

29 weeks + 3 days

Weight Gain



Thursday: 45min walk on the dreadmill
Friday: Off
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off
Monday: Off
Tuesday: 10min yoga
Wednesday: Off

My desire to actually do a workout has become nonexistent. I need to do more yoga for the achiness in my hips and lower back and walking with the kids/Bry still feels great. But walking on the treadmill at the gym felt like torture and at this point, it’s not worth it. I’ve been staying busy playing with the kids at the park, walking to/from the park and cleaning every surface I can get my hands on. Nesting is in full swing!


What’s that?


Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. And Reubens. I’d been dreaming of brownies and chocolate chip cookies for awhile and made batches of both this week. Diet coke is right up there too *ashamed face*. Right now I’m hugely craving sweet potatoes. Random. I’m really trying to reign in my eating (read: sugar intake) to see if it helps with Kyle’s size. We have another sono in 2.5 weeks for growth but everyone is in consensus that I’m most likely just growing a big baby. The wiggles and rolls I feel, agree.


The aftertaste of almost everything makes me feel really gross.


Especially at night, he loves to party!


  • Cramping. Pretty much a daily experience. And lower back pain.
  • Headaches. They’ve been really bad the past couple of days and I think it’s from a stiff neck and horrible sleep.
  • Really bad pain on my left lower side. It was so horrible on Saturday my OB told me to go to the ER (I was literally in tears and Bry came running to find my on the stairs unable to move through the pain). It was stabbing and radiated down my left leg but after 20 minutes, it went away. I stayed home and just rested, assuming it was Kyle pressing on a nerve since it was one sides/radiated down my leg/etc. and since I would see my OB Monday anyway. OB agreed. Nerve pressure. Thanks Ky!
  • In other news, I’m really proud of the fact that I’ve been fairly laid back this pregnancy. I know from my pregnancy with Andrew that even when I had preterm labor, all that they’d do at L&D was give me bags upon bags of fluids and monitor me.  So that’s my go-to first if something feels off. Hydrate like crazy and lay down and every time, things have normalized. Otherwise I’d absolutely go in. Kyle’s health > anything.
  • Eating machine. I’m hungry all the time. Totally convenient that Thanksgiving and Christmas (read: eat all the food) are on their way!
  • Nesting. Nesting. Nesting. It’s gotten pretty crazy. I’ve had continuous loads of laundry going non-stop during the day and whenever the kids are somewhat preoccupied with something in their play area, I have a broom/mop/vacuum/sponge/rag in my hand. The urge is STRONG.

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