Pregnancy #3: 30 Weeks


How Far Along?

30 weeks + 4 days

Weight Gain



I think this section needs to be replaced with “Nesting achieved” or “Baby things accomplished” or even “things we REALLY need to do asap”. Cause let’s be honest, no real “workouts” are taking place any time soon.


This week has been rough. And made me terrified for January when sleep deprivation is a regular thing. Both boys have been super sick. Andrew was diagnosed with strep last night and were pretty sure Jax has it too, but so far he’s testing negative (might be too early…Andrew was tested Monday and was negative but tested positive yesterday evening).


Chocolate, donuts and bacon, egg and cheese bagels. The usual.


The aftertaste of almost everything makes me feel really gross.


Especially at night, he loves to party!


  • Nesting is still strong. But with everything going on with the boys, I haven’t gotten much done this week. We did buy Jax a new bed (a twin mattress and box spring directly on the floor) which has miraculously cured his rocking problem! And his new bed is absurdly comfortable. We’re thinking of bribing him to switch with us 😉
  • Cramping/lower back pain/Braxton hicks. Were in that territory where they’re a daily occurrence but sometimes they leave me really nervous that they’re about to turn into the real thing.
  • Tons of pressure. Kyles riding really low, namely on my bladder constantly. Whenever I stand I have to pee and it feels like he’s falling out. Tmi?
  • Dizziness when I stand too long. It’s been horrible this week, especially with not having much time to sit or relax between thanksgiving prep, taking care of two sick babes and constantly cleaning the never ending mess that is two toddlers.

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