Gift Guide: For the Athlete

Now that Thanksgiving is over, can we talk about everything Christmas/! Are you beginning your holiday shopping list? These are some of my tried and true favorite things for getting me through long runs, sweaty workouts at the gym and sometimes just chasing after my hyperactive toddlers. If you have an athlete on your holiday list this year and are looking for some great ideas for things to get them, here you go!

gift guide athlete

An activity tracker. I’ve used several: the jawbone, the fitbit flex, etc. and have loved the fitbit one the most. It’s been the most accurate for me, giving me credit for running even when pushing a stroller and not giving me extra steps for baking a pie and hitting the spatula against the side of the bowl.

A sweat-wicking shirt. My favorite tank is currently on mega clearance! It’s soft, non-chafing and long enough that it doesn’t ride up. These are my favorite t-shirts (though I rarely wear anything for working out but tanks or long sleeved shirts when it’s winter). My favorite long-sleeved shirt is from Fabletics (not a referral link).

A sweat-wicking sweatshirt or jacket. If your loved one lives in a colder climate here’s my favorite sweatshirt (I’ll throw it over a tank and sports bra for snowy runs) and my favorite running jacket (which I rarely wear unless it’s raining or blisteringly cold, as I overheat fast).

Sweat-wicking pants. My favorite shorts! I never thought I’d step foot in Lululemon but one of my girlfriends gave me a giftcard for my birthday a few years back and I ended up getting these shorts. They are incredible! Totally worth the absurd $$. I wish I had 4 more pairs. These are my favorite running capris and my favorite running tights. They’ve lasted me 4 years of winter running and are still going strong! And they’re currently on sale.

Running shoes or a gift card to a running store. If you know they love a particular brand and style, gift them the shoe! If you’re unsure of their gait, go with a gift card. These are my current favorites and I’m dreading the day I have to retire them. They’re so comfortable and I love the colors!

Running socks. It seems like such a waste of money and a great marketing tool. RUNNING socks. I mean, can’t you just wear regular ones? But after training for my last half with cheap Target socks, and facing the awesome blisters, calluses and ruined toenails as a result, my podiatrist recommended I go back to sweat-wicking socks. They’re actually worth the investment. Who knew?

Fuel. My favorite are shot bloks! And the sharkies that have the sugar on the outside so the jellyness doesn’t get stuck in your teeth. My favorite electrolyte additive is this! It’s non-artificial and sugar free. Tastes great too. It’s actually what I give the kids sometimes when they’re sick instead of pedialyte. Or fuel belt to hold fuel.

A gym membership or race entry. Make sure it’s a race they have their eyes on and actually want to run.

A water bottle. I love the Camelbak Eddy because I can unscrew the top to chug water or use the straw if I need a quick drink during a class or while on the treadmill. We actually bought them for the boys too because they’re so durable.


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