Pregnancy #3: Weeks 31 & 32

31 weeks 2

How Far Along?

32 weeks + 3 days

Weight gained



Im up constantly every night to pee but feel decently rested most mornings when the boys awake. Probably thanks to going to bed when they do at 7:30pm 🙂 Unfortunately after Andrew got sick 2 qeeks ago, hes been our early riser and has been waking Jax up, usually before hes ready. Im only napping about 30 minutes during naptime each day, if at all. Then the rest of naptime is spent snacking on the couch watching Hallmark Christmas movies or prepping freezer meals.


Chocolate mousse cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, a repeat of a lunch my friend brought last week (an epicly delicious mix of salmon, beeted quinoa, charred kale and sweet potato wedges), and a giant kale salad. But other than that food in general just isnt appealing. I eat constantly but im always opening the fridge unamused and end up eating handfuls of trail mix, bowls of cereal and all the chocolate in the house instead of real meals. My desire to cook is also nonexistant. I briefly thought about doing Blue Apron again just so someone else would make the decision of what we were eating each night.


The aftertaste of almost everything makes me feel really gross.


I can definitely tell hes running out of room as movements arent nearly as wild as they used to be. Now its mostly hiccups and tiny body parts sticking out as he adjusts his positioning.


  • Exhaustion. Its been bad the past couple of days. I wake up feeling fine but usually within an hour i feel like i could curl back up in bed and sleep forever. Im tempted by Starbucks drive through almost daily but have luckily (for our wallets) avoided it most days. Ive been trying to keep the days jam packed lately to maximize our fun before were quarantined inside with a newborn for several weeks and i think its starting to take its toll on my energy levels.
  • Inability to bend over, pick things up, reach things below my knees. Im a wide load over here.
  • I think the hardest thing the past couple of weeks has been coming to terms with the fact that i just cant do a lot of what i used to. Andrew cant sit in my lap much anymore as the pressure of him leaning on me butts up against Kyle being really close to the surface while results in the very painful feeling of skin being pressed between two hard objects. Ouch. I also cant run after the boys, twirl them around or play with them in many ways i used to be able to. It makes me sad and i think jacksons catching on to the changes and has started to show some changes as well, namely in acting out, becoming clingy at preschool dropoff, etc. I think hes sensing a big change but cant really express himself. Were taking him on a solo ice skating date this weekend and i think itll be so good for him. And us 🙂 Were taking Drew on a solo date next weekend but are still unsure what we’ll do.


Baby Things

I had my last sono Monday. I had no idea it would be the last one until it was over and I was told the next time I saw Kyle would be on his birthday. WAIT WHAT?! He’s measuring a week ahead and weighing in at 4lbs 8oz.

I’ve been waiting for Black Friday/Cyber Monday for months to finally bite the bullet and buy a new pump. Mine officially died when Drew was about 2 months old. Thanks to a great 15% off everything sale at Target and a free $50 gift card for all baby purchases over a certain amount, I managed to get my favorite pump for about 60% of the cheapest price around. Yayyy!

We also got a new rock n play. My mom bought us one with Jax and we used it religiously. It was even more conveinent when we had Drew. Both boys slept in there for the first few months of life too. But ours was an original and lacked the new padding especially under the head that the newer models have. I remedied it for the boys by adding blankets for more support and comfort but it wasnt very safe. Target had another steal on the rock n play i wanted so we ended up getting it too. And it vibrates!

Ive gotten all the snacks we need for the hospital bag and theyre packed. Kyles blanket and bring home from the hospital outfit as well as the boppy cover are all washed and packed as well. We need to find our toiletry bag but were about 75% packed for the hospital.

Ive started making freezer meals but with my zero desire to cook its quite the feat. Id prefer to just lay on the couch for the indeterminable future 😉

Ive been deep cleaning everything. I want to stay on top of it for whenever he makes his grand entrance. Especially when it comes to laundry and the car being cleaned out.


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy #3: Weeks 31 & 32

  1. Gosh you are adorable! Glad things are going so well for you, minus the not wanting to eat anything. I’m super early and already feeling that way so hopefully it doesn’t last my entire pregnancy! Good luck in the next couple weeks until you get to meet the little peanut!!

    • Congratulations on your pregnancy! Don’t worry, food in the first and third trimesters are weird beasts. But it gets better in the second trimester when you want to eat allll the food 🙂

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