Pregnancy #3: 33 Weeks


How Far Along?

33 weeks + 3 days

Weight gained

20.6 lbs


Napping consists of about 20 minutes of “sleep” before the need to pee arises and then naptime is over, if it happens at all. As for nighttime sleep, we go to bed most nights right after the boys and attempt to sleep through the night (7:30pm until the boys awake, usually between 4:30-5:30). It takes forever to fall asleep. I feel like I have to pee 88 times before I finally get to sleep. And then I’m up at least 12 times throughout the night to pee. Lately we’ve been experiencing a best wave which isn’t helping sleep, as I overheat at night. Mix in a few nighttime dance parties from Kyle (inclusive of a few limbs in my side) and I don’t really remember the last time I slept well or deeply. But it’s worth it πŸ™‚ and I know it’s nothing compared to the lack of sleep well be experiencing in a few short weeks. Yikes.



Salads, chocolate pepperminty stuff (think mint chocolate chip and thin mints), chocolate mousse cheesecake. And chocolate croissants (i finally got one this morning on a date with Drew and it was everything I imagined it’d be. Yummy!!) And fresh veggie juices. Mmm.


The aftertaste of almost everything makes me feel really gross.


I can definitely tell hes running out of room as movements arent nearly as wild as they used to be. Now its mostly hiccups and tiny body parts sticking out as he adjusts his positioning <—same.


  • Pressure, round ligament pain, lower back pain and cramping. As I’m typing it’s pretty intense. It never lasts too long or is constant so I’m not worried, but I’d like to get to 36 weeks before they get too intense πŸ™‚
  • Nausea. Every day, every time I eat. I’m trying to eat constantly, smaller meals, and it sometimes helps.


Baby Things

I finally installed our infant car seat just to see if it’ll fit with the other two car seats. Thankfully, it fits! Unfortunately, the bigger brothers are learning how to sit next to each other which so far has included Andrew sticking his dirty, booted foot in Jackson’s face and Jackson retaliating by hitting him in the face. We all emerge from the car, grateful to have survived the trip, Jackson usually covered in dirt and Andrews face covered with some claw marks…err…scratches. Let’s hope it gets better soon, as I’d like to start driving without having to yell “get your foot out of his face!”…”stop hitting him!”… Repeat.

We should get our new rock n play delivered today and then it’ll be set up next to my side of the bed. Holy woah. It’s surreal how quickly time has flown. I feel like we just found out about this little babe yesterday. I’m so excited to meet him, see what he looks like and cuddle him…but I’m also soaking up these last few weeks and my two big boys.

With the influx of Braxton hicks I’m thinking we really need to finish our hospital bag sooner rather than later.

In other news, OB visits are now weekly as of the week after Christmas. Whattttt?!? And they’ll involve…er…checks. Fun stuff!



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